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The Legend beneath the lake in the woods—Taichung City held a mass “Dreamy Swan Lake Wedding” for couples. (2009-10-25)

  • Date: 2018-07-06
  • Issued by: Taichung City Government

The fairy tale wedding was very popular and almost of all the couples attending the wedding highly recommended it. The theme of the second public mass wedding was designed according to the concept of “Forever Love--Rromance Beneath the Lake”. At 9 am on October 25th, the public mas wedding started at the meadow at Chung Hsing University. The decoration of the wedding was designed based on the theme of “Swan Lake”. It was dreamy and charming as the weddings of fairy tales. All of the staff was dressed in costumes of flower fairies. The 123 couples indulged in the atmosphere of the dreamy wedding.

Mayor Jason Hu of Taichung arrived at the weeding in a well-decorated pumpkin carriage. He was the witness for the couples’ wedding. He led the couples in reading their marriage oath and encouraged the couples to respectfully, faithfully and with integrity keep their oath. He also asked the couples to read out loud the words of congratulations from their friends and families and commit themselves to their marriages.

The couples were the heros and heroines of the event. The blessing from their families and friends made the wedding warm and touching. The Taichung Government set up a “Love Tree” at the venue and all of the couples’ friends and families stuck their words of blessing on it and shared them with the guests of the wedding. In addition, the Taichung City Government arranged a session for the couples and their parents to express the couples’ gratitude to their parents for raising the couples and the blessing to the couples from the couples’ parents. In the end, Mayor Jason Hu delivered the “Nest of Happiness ” to all of the couples, blessing their love and wishing that it last forever. Also, he encouraged them to build a nest of their own.

Jason Hu wished that the couples’ marriages will last forever and that their families will be happy. He also asked the Department of Civil Affairs to set up a quick booth for all of the 8 House Hold Registration Offices of Taichung City to provide marriage registration services for the couples and make them legitimate husbands and wives on the day of the wedding and provide their marriage certificates. This was a thoughtful service which offered much convenience to all of the couples.

  • Date : 2009-10-25
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