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Matthew Lien's Concert. Experience a beautiful encounter between human and nature(2007-11-24)

  • Date: 2018-07-06
  • Issued by: Taichung City Government

Tonight (November 24th.), the black-napped blue monarch waked the nightingale; Moltrechtis Green Tree Frog chose to be silent. "Anlan Feast?"?Matthew Lien's Musical" at 7PM, wowed the thousands of music lovers who followed Matthew's footsteps and the sound of clear water back to the mountains, the waterfalls, down to the Pacific Ocean hot springs, and listened to the sound of small ocean waves... back to the heart's hometown, find the beauty of Taiwan's natural landscapes, awed by the harmony of human and nature, began a wonderful encounter with Mother Nature. 

The Canadian eco-musician Matthew Lien is a musician of utter innocence, who had come to Taiwan almost 10 years ago, he not only knows Taiwan, but loves Taiwan's nature and culture. He spent more than 2 years walking around Taiwan's mountains, cities, plains, and sea shores, and took "water" as the topic of his sound recording and creation. He interpreted Taiwan, "the hometown of water's beauty,” with natural music, and made a heart felt appeal for Taiwan's water resources.

For Matthew Lien's concert today, mayor Zhi-qiang Hu and his wife, and Giant Bicycles' Co. General Manager Xiang-an Luo with his wife came to listen to this fascinating natural music, which was full of aboriginal amorous feelings. Mayor Hu gave Matthew a shell necklace from the Marshall Islands' tribe chief as a gift, and Matthew gave mayor Hu a necklace from Tai-ya tribe's chief in return.

The General Manager, Xiang-an Luo, also gave Matthew a bike, of the newest design, for 2008. He encouraged Matthew to travel around Taiwan by bike, continue exploring Taiwan's beauty and create more wonderful music.

At the concert, Matthew and his musician friends Yi-chien Zhou and Yin-zhong Huang, took water's journey as their guide, introducing Taiwan's beautiful mountains and rivers thorough speaking, singing, talking, by piano, a erhu fiddle , bamboo flute, and vertical bamboo flute. Their abundant and beautiful sounds included natural sounds, such as the sound of birds, monsters, winds, rain, and thunder as well as introducing Taiwan's Gezai Opera, Beiguan music, and aboriginal music. Their music contained original sounds of agricultural, piscatorial, and local tea industry activities as well as other sounds of humans living in nature. By using multimedia to edit and broadcast, an audience of thousands were able to see and hear the beauty of Taiwan's natural landscapes during the concert, filling eyes with tears at the beauty and love felt for this land.

  • Date : 2009-12-15
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