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Fabulous Hong Kong Night Show impressed Hong Kong delegation with the hospitality of Taichung City(2010-03-06)

  • Date: 2018-07-06
  • Issued by: Taichung City Government

A delegation of Hong Kong Special Administrative Region (HKSAR) Government officers was invited by Jason Hu (Mayor) to visit the Taichung Lantern Festival and attended the Hong Kong Night party on January 6, 2010. The delegation had visited Sun Moon Lake and other scenic spots in Nantou County. All of them were impressed with middle Taiwan. Stephen Sui-lung Lam, Secretary for the Constitutional and Mainland Affairs Bureau, toasted the guests of the party and told them “Hong Kong Loves Taichung”. Jason Hu and the guests echoed “Taichung loves Hong Kong too”.

After the toast was the show of Hong Kong Night. More than 10 Hong Kong artists, including Gigi Leung, Nancy Sit, Joe Ma and Christine Kuo, brought fabulous shows and introduced the scenic spots in Hong Kong. Most of the audience was entertained and impressed with Hong Kong. The MCs of the show included Derek Lee and Astrid Chan from Hong Kong and the local travel TV show hosts Sasa and the duo Hao and Xiang.

The distinguished guests included Mr. Stephen Sui-lung Lam (Secretary for the Constitutional and Mainland Affairs Bureau), Mrs. Rita Lau Ng Wai-lan (Secretary for the Commerce and Economic Development Bureau), Mr. Anthony Lau (Executive Director of the Hong Kong Tourism Board), Mr. Andrew Kam (Managing Director of Hong Kong Disneyland), Mr. Chang Chun-hao (General Manager of Chingjia Constructions) and Mr. Lai Fu-yuan (Chairman of VeeTIME ).

Jason Hu said that the party was full of laughter and all of the guests were very excited. He said “Even people in Taipei could hear our voices tonight. We are in Taichung, but tonight we have experienced the beauty of Hong Kong. Hong Kong was represented in Taichung tonight”.

Jason Hu said that Hong Kong is a great place to visit. Also, it was very wise to choose Taichung as the target market for the tourism industry. He encourages the citizens of Taichung City to visit Hong Kong and welcomes Hong Kong citizens to visit Taichung.

Mr. Stephen Sui-lung Lam (Secretary for the Constitutional and Mainland Affairs Bureau) said that he believed that with the support of Taichung City, the ties with Taiwan and Hong Kong will be closer. He told the guests that he visited many scenic spots and hotels situated in the neighborhood of Sun Moon Lake and Nantou County and he learned a lot and gave him more ideas. He said he noticed that the theme of the Taichung Lantern Festival was “Tiger Loves Taichung” and he wants to echo the theme and tell the people, “Hong Kong loves Taichung, too.” Jason Hu led the audience to echo him, “Taichung loves Hong Kong.”

The shows were very amazing. Joe Ma and Christine Kuo featured the dancing and singing shows with the cartoon figures of Disney. Nancy Sit sang many classical hit songs. Gigi Leung also sang many hit songs of her past albums. All of the audience was fully entertained.

The final and most exciting session for the audience was the show brought by Jenny Tseng. Many members of the audience shouted, “Encore!” to ask her sing more songs. Jason Hu stepped on the stage again to end the shows. He told the audience, “You made our guests from Hong Kong fall in love with Taichung. I am so proud of you.”


  • Date : 2010-07-15
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