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Taichung City Government held the Spring Remembrance Day Ceremony (2010-03-29)

  • Date: 2018-07-06
  • Issued by: Taichung City Government

The 2010 Taichung City Spring Remembrance Day Ceremony was held at Taichung Martyrs’ Shrine on March 29th. At the ceremony, the Mayor enshrined Ding Shih-bao as a martyr. Jason consoled the descendants of martyrs and delivered a pension to them. He promised the descendants that the government would try its best to help.

With the solemn music, the Remembrance Day Ceremony was started. Jason Hu was the chief celebrant, and Councilors Liu Guo-long and Liu Shih-chou were the assistant celebrants. All of the audience paid tributes to the 502 martyrs, thanking them for their sacrifice for the nation. Hu delivered pensions to 41 descendants of martyrs and shook hands with them.

After the ceremony, the City Government enshrined Martyr Ding Bao-shih. Ding graduated from the R.O.C. Air Force Academy in 1996 and served as a pilot officer in the Air Force 401 Division. He took part in many important operations and was decorated. On March 14th, 2008, he flied an F-16 fighter to undertake NII night flight training. He took off at 18:50 from Hualien Air Force Base and proceeded with the intercept operation. Unfortunately, his plane fell into the sea at 19:19 and he sacrificed himself for the country. This was a great loss for the country and society.

Jason Hu, the Mayor, especially consoled Mrs. Ding Shih-bao and their child, who was only 3 years old. He told all of the descendants that the annual Remembrance Day Ceremony was dedicated to remind people to remember the martyrs’ sacrifice and devotion. He asked people to learn from the martyrs and to make our country better and stronger. He also emphasized that the government would try its best to help their descendants.

  • Date : 2010-03-29
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