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Taichung City Celebrates Children's Day(2010-03-31)

  • Date: 2018-07-06
  • Issued by: Taichung City Government

Taichung City Government held an honoring ceremony to celebrate the 2010 Children's Day and awarded pupils with outstanding achievements on grades and health. Mayor Jason Hu awarded 2934 pupils with outstanding achievements (including Lin Li-chung of Guan Fu Elementary School) and 642 pupils with good physique (including Liao Kai-lun). The Mayor sent his best wishes to the children for a happy childhood.

Jason Hu said that the children who participated in the ceremony were all “happy kids” and all the principals, city councilors and the Director of the Education Department were also “happy kids”. For the parents who escorted their kids to join the ceremony, Jason Hu said they were all the best parents and surely happy and healthy as well as their children.

Jason Hu said that, as in the past, the Children's Day ceremony was arranged and hosted by children. The best part of the ceremony was the show by the principals. Their show entertained the children and made them laugh out loud. He wished all the children in Taichung would laugh out loud, as well, for the rest of their lives.

The most expected show of the ceremony was the Taiko show. The show was opened by Mayor Jason Hu and Chang Guang-min (Director of the Education Department). Jason Hu hit the gong and Chang hit the drum, and then the principals began to hit the Taikos. Their show amazed the audience and earned their applause.

Jason Hu said the show was of the best performances in Taichung City. He told the audience that their show proved that the elementary education was successful with diversified aspects because in the 5 minutes of performance, each principal had individual tones and soon converged into a single tone. He suggested that the principals should organize a professional performance group so that he won't have to invite the opera “Turandot”. His humorous talk not only amused the children but also the principals.

According to the Education Department, the role model pupils should have excellent performance and balanced achievements in all aspects. Their achievements should be recognized by their peers. The health role models were selected by teachers with specific criteria, such as good sight, without any decayed tooth etc.

One of the role model pupils was Chen Huei-ting, from Lai Cuo Elementary School, who was disabled and has to sit in a wheel chair. Through her grandmother's assistance, she attends school with full attendance, no matter rain or shine. She admired the Mayor and also took a picture with him and her grandmother.

Besides the Taiko show by the principals, the organizer also invited the Shang An Elementary School orchestra to open the ceremony. Tung San Junior High School and Hoping Elementary school also brought cheer squad shows and modern dance and created another climax. All of the children in the audience had a good time.

  • Date : 2010-03-31
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