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Let’s loudly proclaim our love to our mother—the mayor led nearly one thousand citizens to yell, “I love you, Mom!” (2010-05-02)

  • Date: 2018-07-06
  • Issued by: Taichung City Government

The Department of Social Welfare and Taichung Reading Association hosted the “Definitely be with you��"Mother’s Day Carnival” in Taichung Park, in the afternoon of May 2nd. Thousands of people were attracted by the carnival with their families. The mayor led the audience to yell, “Dear Mother, I love you!” to express their love to their mothers. Jason Hu, the mayor, also took this opportunity to send his best wishes to mothers for the coming Mother’s Day.

Jason Hu said that he has joined many activities, but had never felt so happy before. He said that the carnival has a big beautiful tree top, and Taichung Park is still very lovely. Hu told the audience that several years ago, Taichung Park became a destination for the homeless, streetwalkers and mentally unstable, and had serious garbage problems. This made Taichung Park became a place for people to avoid. Now, those problems are gone. Now, it has become clean and bright again. He recommended the citizens to visit here often. He praised the police officers of Taichung Park for their enthusiasm in helping people and securing the safety for people and sometimes acting as local guides for foreign and domestic visitors.

Hu also praised the mothers. He said that mothers are the greatest and most beautiful person of each family. He said that the best thing is to have a mother to spend time with.

The shows and the booths of the carnivals included the “Park Tour”, “Wishing Boards”, “Lucky Draws Q&A for Women’s Rights”, “Mommy’s Doll Workshop”, “Free Hair Cut Salon ” , musicals, children shows and Japanese folk dance, street dance shows, martial arts and singing shows. In addition, the carnival organizer arranged activities, such as “Hug Mommy” and “Tell Mama, ‘I love you’”. Many people hugged their mothers and expressed their love to them. They lined up in a very long queue and were full of joy.


  • Date : 2010-05-02
  • Hit: 11

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