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Choir of the Hawaii Campus of Brigham Young University pay a visit to the Taichung City Government(2010-05-12)

  • Date: 2018-07-06
  • Issued by: Taichung City Government

The Choir of the Hawaii Campus of Brigham Young University a concert in Chunghsin Hall on May 13th and visited the Taichung City Government on May 12th. Vice Mayor Hsiao Chia-chi received the delegation on behalf of the mayor. They gave souvenirs to each other and the visited Taichung as a stop of their world tour performance. They held choir sang several songs in the courtyard of the Taichung City Government. One of the songs was a Taiwanese folk song, “The sky is getting dark”. Hsiao said that their performance impressed and touched him.

There were about 70 members from the choir and the leader was Mrs. Wheelwright, who is the president’s wife. They arrived at Taichung City Hall this afternoon. The vice mayor welcomed them, gave a tour of Taichung City Hall and told them about its history. The Hall was built in the Japanese governance era, which was more than one hundred years ago. Also, Hsiao told them that all of the offices would be moved to the new building in the near future. Hsiao welcomed them to visit Taichung again when the building was built.

After the tour of the Taichung Government Building, Hsiao sent gifts to all of the choir members. The gifts included a hand bag made of jeans, a brochure of the Taichung City Government and a tour map. These gifts could enhance their understanding of Taichung City. Also, Mrs. Wheelwright gifted 2 necklaces decorated with Hawaiian cocoas. She helped Hsiao to put on the necklaces and asked him to pass the other necklace to the mayor. Also, she gifted both of them with brochures of Brigham Young University.

The choir sang songs in the courtyard of City Hall and they sang a Taiwanese folk song, “The sky is getting dark”, for the audience. All of the employees who walked by stopped, and those who were in an office walked out, to listen to the singing. All of them were moved and touched by the beautiful voices. .

The members of the choir of the Hawaii Campus of Brigham Young University were from 74 countries. All of them were selected from the best, no matter if they majored in music or other disciplines. Their performance included a wide range of music styles and genres. Therefore, the choir could present different combinations of shows including the classic choir, European art songs, religious hymns, American musicals and folk songs from different countries and regions. Through their great performances, they delivered messages of harmony, family values, peace, love and joy from God to the audience.


  • Date : 2010-05-12
  • Hit: 26

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