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Taichung “The Proms” Street Concert launched from August 7 at every outdoor square of the 8 districts of Taichung

  • Date: 2018-07-06
  • Issued by: Taichung City Government

Taichung has held “The Proms” Street Concert for 7 years. It’s the longest summer music festival in Mid-Taiwan. From August 7th, every Saturday night, there would be 64 concerts presented by 50 renowned domestic and international music groups in every outdoor square of the 8 districts of Taichung City. Hopefully, the concerts will create and add culture and lifestyle attraction to Taichung City. During the press conference, Jason Hu, the mayor, invited citizens to Taichung to enjoy the music banquet and experience the most casual and comfortable concert experience.

Jason Hu said that the features of the “The Proms” Street Concert were of freedom and variety. It was to entertain people. He won’t be satisfied unless the audience was truly entertained at the concerts.

Hu also said that the Taichung Jazz Festival has become important in the Asian area. In the past, because some other Asian cities, such as Bangkok, Tokyo or Seoul held Jazz Festivals in the summer too, organizers had to acquire the other cities’ Jazz festival guest musician list and ask them if they were interested in performing in Taichung. However, in the past 2 years, the situation has changed. Now, Bangkok has to ask for our musician list and inquire about the possibility of performing in Bangkok after Taichung,

Hu also said that many owners of restaurants and hotels told him that “The Proms” Street Concert’ not only entertained people but also attracted tourists and increased sales. “The Proms” Street Concert has became the most joyful music activity in Taiwan.

The musicians of “The Proms” this year included the electronic violinist Jamii, who won a 2nd Grammy Music Award, Neishi Daisuke (Japanese blues and jazz musician), Chen Guan-yu (renowned Taiwanese pianoist), Duct Tape (young punk rock band), Yufudake (Japanese Taiko), The Diplomatics (rock), DaiDai band (Taiwanese indigenous music) and 50 other musical groups. They will present various entertaining shows to the audience.

Some people have said that music can reflect the urban life and the character of society. The music brought by the musicians can integrate people and touch their hearts. The city needs music to comfort people. Taichung City Government invites you to join the “The Proms” Street Music Festival. Let’s enjoy the music together.

  • Date : 2010-08-04
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