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Build up world-class low carbon city

  • Date: 2018-07-06
  • Issued by: Environmental Protection Bureau
Build up world-class low carbon city
Build up world-class low carbon city

Taichung City Government is building up Taichung into a "Carbon Free Trouble Free" low carbon model city. To raise awareness and concern among the public and to promote exchange of views among the industry, the government, the academics and the civil groups, Taichung City Government will hold a “Low Carbon City Action Forum” at 9:30 on May 24, 2012. In the first part of the Forum, four topics, including “Striving for Better Low-carbon Life" (實現美好的低碳生活), "Green Gold in Every Household” (家家戶戶有綠金), "LOHAS Life, LOHAS Taichung” and “Look at Taichung from the Green Lands” (一片綠地看臺中) will be addressed by 10 experts from the fields of environmental education, renewable energy, low carbon transportation, low carbon construction, and green ecology. They will also share their experiences.

In the second part of the Forum, a panel discussion will be held among government officials, experts and scholars, including Tsai Bing-kun (蔡炳坤, Deputy Mayor of Taichung City), Lin Zhao-cheng (林朝成, Director of Community College Promotion Association), Yang Shu-hui (楊淑慧, President of Homemakers' Union Taichung Branch), Liu Li-zhu (劉麗珠, CEO of Bicycle New Culture Foundation), Gu Yang (顧洋, Professor of National Taiwan University of Science and Technology), and Lin Zi-lun (林子倫, Professor of Department of Politics of Taiwan University). It is hoped that the dialogues can produce sufficient amounts of information and recommendations to help promote Taichung City into a low carbon city.

It is expected that through lectures and penal discussions, the Taichung Low Carbon City Action Forum can fully bring in such benefits as concept promotion, effective communications, and reception of a wide range of suggestions. It is also expected that under the leadership of Taichung City, the entire central Taiwan region can be guided into the development for low carbon, green energy, and sustainability and the overall progress in the region can transform Taichung City into a world-class low carbon model city.

Those who are interested in the forum please visit the website of Environmental Protection Bureau of Taichung City Government at http://www.epb.taichung.gov.tw/index.asp. At the bottom right-hand side, you will find the page dedicated to Taichung Low Carbon City Construction (臺中市低碳城市建構), where you can view the messages concerning this forum and make registration. You are sincerely invited to take part in the forum and offer your suggestions.

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