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CDFH donates tickets for Polar Ecological Exposition to disadvantaged families

  • Date: 2018-07-06
  • Issued by: Social Affairs Bureau

China Development Financial Holding Corporation (CDFH) made a donation of 7000 tickets for "2012 Polar Ecological Exposition in Taichung" to the disadvantaged families in Taichung. A press conference was held for the donation at the Office of Deputy Mayor Hsu Zhong-xiong (徐中雄) today (June 4). Social Affairs Bureau will forward those tickets to the disadvantaged families, the new immigrant families, and Children’s Homes. Deputy Mayor Hsu asked for more tickets and CDFH promised to increase if necessary.

Taichung City Deputy Mayor Hsu Zhong-xiong thanked CDFH for the donation. He said that the venue for Polar Ecological Exposition in Taichung should be full of "ice and snow” but CDFH is giving “heat and light” to the disadvantaged families. The donation should enrich the spiritual and cultural life for those families who can not afford the tickets.

To help more disadvantaged children to enjoy such a benefit, Deputy Mayor Hsu asked, "Are 7,000 tickets enough?" Xu Dao-yi (許道義), senior vice president of CDFH and chairman of Grand Cathay Securities, replied right away, "We will donate more tickets if needed.” Deputy Mayor Hsu expressed his thanks on the spot and presented to Xu with a certificate of appreciation in recognition of the righteous deed of CDFH.

Xu Dao-yi said that he hoped to take this opportunity to help children of disadvantaged families to enjoy the educational program. He also urged more companies to help the disadvantaged families.

Wang Xiu-yan (王秀燕), Director-general of Social Affairs Bureau, said that those tickets will be forwarded mainly to children in the disadvantaged families, the new immigrant families, and the children’s homes. To make sure that the tickets will go to the families in need, her Bureau will cooperate with Taichung City Women's Service Center, the single parent centers, the new immigrant centers, children’s homes and/or placement agencies, family support centers, the communities for disadvantaged children and after-school care units. It is hoped that these units will help distribute those tickets to the right target families, so that those families will have a good parent-child interaction during the coming summer vacation this year.

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