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Peace Diet program to ensure food safety for school children

  • Date: 2018-07-06
  • Issued by: Health Bureau
校園取食在安心 為1400位學童把關

To ensure food safety for Taichung citizens, the Health Bureau of Taichung City Government held "Peace Diet" (食在安心) mark certification ceremony at the first floor of Yangming Building on the morning of June 5. The event was joined by 46 food ingredient suppliers, lunch box vendors, and self-managed school lunch providers. All of them jointly declared "Peace Diet" slogan with Huang Mei-na (黃美娜), Director-general of Health Bureau, to symbolize their determination to keep food hygiene and safety.

Nowadays, people pay much attention to healthy diet and food safety. It is necessary that the vendors keep the environment clean, including personal hygiene. For example, workers must not wear hand jewelry but keep their hands, fingernails and work clothing clean; otherwise, consumers may select not to buy food from them.

Last year, there were 110 vendors from the baking industry, the catering industry, and the tourism night markets were certified by the highly-praised "Peace Diet" mark system. It has again attracted 46 food ingredient suppliers, lunch box vendors, and self-managed school lunch providers for the certification this year.

Zhou Wan-rou (周宛柔), a teach at Dongbao Elementary School, said that her school has been self supplying lunch to nearly 1,400 teachers and students every day for 17 years, and Education Bureau also carries out annual evaluation on the site; it was very nice that Dongbao joined Peace Diet mark certification held by Health Bureau this time, through whose evaluation process the six lady cooks learned the tips of how to manage material sources and further enhance food safety for teachers and students in Dongbao.

Huang Mei-na, Director-general of Health Bureau, said that the Peace Diet program not only makes every vendor understand the importance of self-management but also provides free examination on pesticide residues for 5 times and meat inspection for one time to ensure the safety of food ingredients.

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