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Famous Taichung cake makers made a fruitful mission to New York

  • Date: 2018-07-06
  • Issued by: Economic Development Bureau
Famous Taichung cake makers made a fruitful mission to New York
Famous Taichung cake makers made a fruitful mission to New York

Led by Taichung Mayor Jason Hu, the "2012 Taichung Cake Marketing Team” consisting of 8 cake makers from Taichung Bakery Association, namely Sui-yi-guan of Ar-cong-shi Cakes (阿聰師糕餅隨意館), Zhang-song Foods (長松食品), Xiao-lin Pancakes (小林煎餅), Lianxiang Cake Shop (聯翔餅店), Yu-zhen-xin (裕珍馨), Bao-quan Foods (宝泉食品), Tea & Cake (茶與餅), and Nine Suns (九個太陽) held a marketing press conference at Queens Crossing Shopping Mall in Flushing, Queens, New York on the afternoon of June 9. Crowds flooded in the venue even one hour before the press conference. Present were a number of American and Taiwanese enterprises, Taiwanese folks in New York, and dozens of local electronic and print media. The marketing event was considered quite fruitful.

Under the assistance of the Taipei Economic and Cultural Office in New York and Taiwan Trade Center, New York Inc. (貿協駐紐約辦事處), many representatives from large import and export trading companies and distributors attend the event, including Sen-mei (森美), He-le (和樂), Hua-long (華隆), H-Mart, Zhen-wei (真味), Hong Kong, and Mitsuwa. After Mayor Hu and eight cake makers finished the making of pineapple cakes on the scene, the tasting event was conducted in a delightful and lively atmosphere while traders discussed possible cooperation for the future.

Traders attending the tasting event are mainly large-scale importers and distributors who sell a wide range of products to the Asian population in the United States, such as markets in the east coast and the west coast, Chicago, Texas, and Atlanta. Most of them expressed optimism and high level of interest in importing Taichung cakes, because they highly praised Taichung cakes for their color, smell, taste, and packaging. The only thing that needs a breakthrough is the preservation period. If this problem can be solved, the markets are right there, said the traders. Many distributors also expressed that they would come over to Taiwan for the Taipei International Food Show to be held in June and seek further cooperation with local makers.

This tasting and trade talk event was ushered in by keynote speeches by Gao Zhen-qun (高振群), Representative of Taipei Economic and Cultural Office in New York and Taichung Mayor Jason Hu. Then, the eight cake makers and Mayor Hu made pineapple cakes on the scene. Dressed like a pastry chef and making the cakes in a very skillful way, Mayor Hu was cheered as the best salesman for Taichung cakes. Many expatriates interacted with Mayor Hu warmly and hoped Mayor Hu could come over to the United States more often to sell delicious Taichung specialties. Mayor Hu promised on the spot that he will often come over to New York as long as they support the sun cakes and pineapple cakes from Taichung.

Mayor Hu expressed his thanks to the compatriots living in New York and the Taichung cake makers to make this marketing mission so successful. He said he enjoyed the Taichung cakes and the friendship of fellow countrymen very much and hoped to export Taichung specialties to the United States within the shortest time possible.

For more information about this case, please contact Miss Chen Wan-ru (陳琬儒), Industrial Development Division, Economic Development Bureau, at Tel 22289111 ext 31102.

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