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Have you taken vegetarian diet today?

  • Date: 2018-07-06
  • Issued by: Health Bureau
Have you taken vegetarian diet today?
Have you taken vegetarian diet today?

Greater Taichung is blessed with high-quality agricultural products, such as Lishan peaches, Lishan tea, and Waipu dragon fruit. When fruits and vegetables are on season, they are inexpensive and delicious. If you want to save money, keep healthy, and love the Earth, it is your first choice to eat fruit and vegetables in Taichung. Let us work together to make Taichung the capital for vegetarians in line with the global trend of vegetarianism.

Mayor Hu promotes healthy vegetarian cuisine

Taichung Vegetarian Culinary Carnival was held on April 25. Dressed like a chef, Mayor Jason Hu strongly promoted vegetarian diets on the event. Nearly 30 teams of cooks took part in the Carnival, using local fruits and vegetables to prepare dishes in a magic way. Chefs from Hotel National Taichung (全國飯店) used Dakeng (大坑) bamboo shoots and Xinshe (新社) mushrooms to make a dish looking like an abalone. The lady chefs from Yuji Pastry (羽居洋菓子) baked charcoal rolls first and then stuffed them with green beans, yams and carrots to make colorful sushi rolls. Students from Tsi-ming High School (慈明高中) arranged Dakeng (大坑) bamboo shoots, asparagus, salad and plum sauce into the shape of a peacock. Students from Jia-yang High School (嘉陽高中) used Longjing (龍井) sweet potatoes, Tanzi (潭子) potato, and Dadu (大肚) asparagus to design "Hundred Fragrance Mashed Potato Omelet” (百香薯泥蛋捲).

Take vegetarian diet to help relieve global warming

Because of greenhouse effect, the average temperature on the Earth has risen 0.6 degrees in the past 100 years while the average temperature in Taiwan has increased by 1.3 degrees, twice the globe’s average. In fact, vegetarian diets can help not only clean the inner environment of our body but also save energy, reduce carbon emissions, and relieve global warming. Thus, everyone is urged to eat more fruit and vegetables for the sake of environmental protection and love for Earth.

Let’s promote the new concept of a balanced diet

Department of Health, Executive Yuan, has revised the "National Dietary Guidelines” and the “Daily Food Guide", urging our countrymen to eat more fruits, vegetables and nuts; drink low-fat milk; have one meal of grains ever day. Meanwhile, Mayor Hu is promoting every Monday as "Vegetarian Day" among the public sector and schools. In response to his call, the Health Bureau of Taichung City Government is actively promoting "Vegetarian Every Day" campaign during the work day (Monday to Friday) to fulfill the energy-saving and carbon-reduction policies.

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