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Deputy Mayor Xiao unveiled 2012 Taichung Shopping Festival

  • Date: 2018-07-06
  • Issued by: Economic Development Bureau
Deputy Mayor Xiao unveiled 2012 Taichung Shopping Festival
Deputy Mayor Xiao unveiled 2012 Taichung Shopping Festival

Sponsored by Economic Development Bureau of Taichung City Government, the 2012 Taichung Shopping Festival kicked off at the Fengchia Shopping Circle at 19:30 tonight (June 16). A series of promotion activities would start form Fengchia Shopping Circle , one of the most important shopping circles in Taichung City, said Taichung Deputy Mayor Xiao Jia-qi (蕭家淇). He also wished the Shopping Festival a resounding success and thanked the 20 shopping circles taking part in the event to promote the Shopping Festival. He hoped that we can work together to create a good shopping environment, so that people across the country will like to come shopping in Taichung.

To solve the traffic congestion problem for holidays, the Economic Development Bureau said that from now until October 14, free shuttle bus service will be provided from 18:00 to 24:00 for Fengchia Shopping Circle and from 9:30 to 18:15 for Xinshe Shopping Circle on every Saturday and Sunday. People who take the bus can ask the driver or the service personnel at the starting point for a "guide book" (on a “first-come first-served until gone” basis), which will make its owner eligible to enjoy discounts at shopping and take part in the lucky-draw events for electric motorcycles, notebook computers, digital cameras, and others. All our citizens are encouraged to make use the free shuttle bus service for your own happy shopping trip and help the city to reduce carbon emissions.

It is planned that the 2012 Taichung Shopping Festival is held from June 16 until August 19. Anyone who goes shopping at one of the ten specified shopping circles will be qualified to take part in the triple lucky draws for good-fortune bags, smart phones, i-PAD 2, cars, and ten limited edition exclusive shopping bags. Everyone is welcomed to go shopping in Taichung City this summer. For more details, please visit the event website of Taichung City Government at http://www.taichung.gov.tw/.

Tonight’s events were ushered in by the performances of Black Angle Crew (黑角舞團) and Sun Band (太陽樂團). A lot of coupons together with limited-edition shopping bags were given out in the quiz contests. Deputy Mayor Xiao and Huang Ching-xiao (黃晴曉, Director-general of Economic Development Bureau) unveiled a gift box to present Zero plus, the spokesperson for 2012 Taichung Shopping Festival. Zero plus then took over the stage and performed, giving the opening ceremony a perfect ending.

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