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  • Date: 2018-07-06
  • Issued by: RDEC

The International Real Estate Federation (FIABCI) was registered as a non-profit professional organization in Paris on June 2, 1951 with the objective of helping its members add an international dimension to their businesses. It is the only worldwide real estate association that represents all of the real estate professions. Its current membership consists of 65 Member States and more than 120 real estate group members, representing over 1.5 million real estate professionals and 3,300 real estate firms across the globe. FIABCI helps members acquire knowledge, develop networks and optimize business opportunities all around the world.

Each year, FIABCI holds its World Congress in different Member States to strengthen exchanges between real estate professionals and present Prix d’Excellence Awards in recognition of outstanding architectural works. The World Congress was hosted by Taipei, Taiwan in 1986 and, 26 years later, FIABCI-Taiwan triumphed in the competitive bidding process to host the 64th World Congress, to be held in the city of Taichung from May 24 to 30, 2013. To boost his city’s image and visibility, Taichung City Mayor Jason Hu led a delegation of city government officials and FIABCI-Taiwan members to the FIABCI 63rd World Congress in St. Petersburg, Russia from May 12 to 17. Mayor Hu also delivered a keynote speech, titled “R.E.A.D Taichung" (Real Estate Renaissance in Taichung), to express his support for the unprecedented, visionary decision to choose Taichung as the host city for the FIABCI 64th World Congress.

On May 31, 2012, FIABCI World President Judy Shenefield arrived in Taichung to sign the FIABCI 64th World Congress in Taichung license agreement and officially announce Taichung as the host city for the event. In his address during this announcement, Mayor Hu said that Taichung was moving forward on the path to becoming an international city, and would soon become a hub for global real estate operations. FIABCI World President Shenefield also stated her commitment to mobilizing her global membership to join the FIABCI 64th World Congress in Taichung. FIABCI-Taiwan President Nan-Yuen Huang expressed the expectation that the World Congress would not only increase Taiwan’s international visibility but also boost opportunities for attracting foreign investment.

The FIABCI 64th World Congress will continue its mission of providing a platform for different professions in the real estate field to share their experiences, advancing industry knowledge, and stimulating related dialogues. In addition to network building, the coming World Congress in Taiwan intends to call attention to the efforts that Asian stakeholders have made toward innovative technology to achieve green cities. The theme of this conference, “Innovation in Sustainable Development”, takes advantage of its host city’s geographical location to reflect immediate needs among Asian cities.

Since 1992, FIABCI has organized its annual Prix d’Excellence Awards to recognize projects that best embody excellence in all real estate disciplines. These awards underline the concept of providing societies with optimal solutions to real estate needs. Over the last few years, Taichung has won these prestigious awards for:

 2010 Retail Category: CMP-Park Lane

 2011 Public Infrastructures/Amenities s Category: Fulfillment Amphitheater

 2012 Public Infrastructures/Amenities Category Winner: The New Taichung City Civic Center

The FIABCI 64th World Congress will feature comprehensive programs that allow members to exchange ideas and discuss possible collaborations. There will also be enjoyable social activities that encourage participants to renew old friendships and establish new ones. FIABCI-Taiwan and Taichung City Government are investing a tremendous effort into creating this momentous event. Over 90 percent of FIABCI member nations are expected to take part in the 2013 World Congress, with the number of attendees to exceed 500.

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