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Taichung Won the Award of The SMART 21 of 2013

  • Date: 2018-07-06
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Taichung Won the Award of The SMART 21 of 2013
Taichung Won the Award of The SMART 21 of 2013

Intelligent Community Forum (ICF) announced The SMART 21 of 2013 at California Riverside City at 20:00m October 21st, 2012 (US time), and Taichung City was awarded again.

Taichung City Government expressed that “Global Smart City, Global Marketing” is the political views of Mayor Hu. In 2012, Taichung participated in the smart city evaluation and won the Smart 10 lat October and Top 7 this January. In this year, it participated in the evaluation again and was honor to win the award, showing that the hard work of promoting Taichung as a smart city is recognized by international organization.

The Government emphasized that the promotion of a smart city requires hard work of not only a single private or public sector, but the cooperation of the industry, government, academic field and research field. Thanks to the dedication of all the industries for Taichung City; in the future, the government will keep having close relationship with the related industries and integrate with experience of other smart cities and local resources, as well as practical service such as strengthen infrastructure and promote industry development to make Taichung city a carefree, low-carbon and global smart city.

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