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Tobacco Selling Convention: Protect Teenagers under 18

  • Date: 2018-07-06
  • Issued by: Health Bureau

On the morning of 18th, Taichung Health Department held a press conference on “Smoke-free in Taichung: Non-smoking Teenagers Alliance” to promote teenagers’ health. Mayor Hu, Direct of the department Hsiao, convenient stores owners, campus representatives wore smoke-free gloves together smashed the props cigarette and lighted the maps of Taichung educational districts to signify all members will work together for a smoke-free environment.

  According to smoking behavior survey of teenagers in 2011 conducted by the Department of Health, the smoking rate of junior high school students in Taichung was 5.1% and 7.3% over the nation that of vocational school students in Taichung was 12.9% and 14.7% over the nation, indicating that students tended to smoke at higher age with side rage of friends.

  In order to avoid teenagers under 18 get in touch of tobacco, 636 stores including 7-11, HiLife, OK, Familymart, Matsusei, Honda and Taiwan Fresh Supermarket signed “ Convention on No Tobacco Selling to Teenagers” with the witness of Mayor Hu. They promised to examine tobacco consumers’ identity and take it as a training program for new employees to help promote health of the teenagers.

  Director of Taichung Health Department Mei-Na Huang indicated that until the end of September, 14 stores were fined for NT15,000 for selling tobacco to teenagers based on Article of 13, Tobacco Hazards Prevention Act. It is hoped that all residents can work together to promote teenagers’ health and refuse to sell of offer tobacco to teenagers.  

  At 3pm October 20th, Taichung Health Department conducted “Smoke-free Campus Outdoors Competition” in Huludun Park, Fengyuan District, inviting all students to participate in various games and activities such as baseball and dancing competition for residents to entertain together and say No to tobacco.

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