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Raffle results for “Turning Off Your Idling Engines” online quiz

  • Date: 2018-07-06
  • Issued by: Environmental Protection Bureau
Raffle results for “Turning Off Your Idling Engines” online quiz
Raffle results for “Turning Off Your Idling Engines” online quiz

Environmental Protection Administration, ROC (Taiwan) has already promulgated "Motor Vehicle Parking and Idling Management Regulations" and has begun its implementation since March 1, 2012. To make people understand the regulations correctly, Environmental Protection Bureau of Taichung City Government held an online quiz named “Turning Off Your Idling Engines” during the period between mid-August and October 31, 2012. There are 219 prizes to be given out, including First Prize: 42-inch LCD TV (1 winner), Second Prize: Tablet PC (1 winner), Third Prize: Digital camera (1 winner), Fourth Prize: Cross-country mountain bikes (3 winners); Fifth Prize: Fashion bladeless fans (3 winners), Sixth to Eighth Prizes: Gift certificates of convenience stores (or discount stores) worth NT$500 (10 winners), NT$300 (20 winners), and NT$100 (180 winners), respectively.

Participating in the online quiz were 8,305 citizens among whom 219 winners were randomly selected by computer on November 20. The list of winners has been announced on the website of Environmental Protection. You are welcomed to make a query online. Environmental Protection Bureau will also notify each of the winners by phone and by notice letter.

It is reminded by the Environmental Protection Bureau that those who win the First to Fifth Prizes shall come over to the EPB to pick up the awards themselves after receipt of the notice while the Sixth to Eighth Prizes will be delivered by mail to their winners. Those who have participated in this event can check lottery results in the attached files online. If you have any related question, please call the Environmental Protection Bureau at 04-22297045.

  • Date : 2012-11-29
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