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Achievements exhibition of community care centers

  • Date: 2018-07-06
  • Issued by: Social Affairs Bureau

The Community Care Center Achievements Exhibition of Taichung City was held at Fengyuan Stadium on the morning of November 24. More than 2,000 volunteers, elders, and family members from 146 centers gathered together to celebrate the event by promoting their basic services to the public, publicly recognizing the evergreen model student, senior volunteers and makers of special contributions. Deputy Mayor Jong-shyoung Shyu (徐中雄) said that Social Affairs Bureau has been actively promoting community-based care services in a hope that the elderly can enjoy proper care at a place nearest to their own home and they can live healthily and happily.

Activities of Community Care Center Achievements Exhibition were presented in a game style in which every participant must first get through four basic services provided by each Community Care Center, including telephone greeting, care visit, health promotion, and catering services, followed by an aging experience test. Everyone who passed the test was awarded a dumbbell-shape kettle. All the participants were very excited, making the scene very hustling and bustling.

Grandpa Chen Ping-quan (陳炳權), 90, won the “Evergreen Model Student” award because he has never cut any single event held by the Community Care Center in the past 6 years. You Zhi-jian (尤之堅), Chief of Community Care Center, told us that Grandpa Chen always took his wife with him for any activity; even when Grandpa Chen fell down and broke her leg and was confined to a wheelchair, Grandpa Chen pushed his wheelchair-bound wife to attend the event as well. Grandpa Chen said it was boring watching TV at home; there were old friends in the Community Care Center; he could always learn something new here; and he is looking forward to visiting the Center every day, because it is part of his life.

"Everyone gets older every day, but the elders should live in dignity," said Deputy Mayor Shyu. Taichung City was elected the city best friendly to the retired people this year in Taiwan, a pride of every citizen in Taichung City. There are about 241,2150 senior citizens, accounting for 9% of 2,681,041 people living in Taichung City. As the elderly population grows faster than before, the elders are encouraged to take part in the activities held by the Community Care Center.

Finally, Deputy Mayor Shyu, Wang Xiu-yan (王秀燕, Director-general of Social Affairs Bureau), Yu Lai-li (游麗裡, CEO of Old Five Old Foundation), Liu Pei-jing (劉培菁, Director of Hondao Senior Citizen's Welfare Foundation), and Grandpa Chen Ping-quan pressed little flags into the 146 Community Care Centers on the Taichung City map to symbolize that a series of fun and happiness will link up Taichung City.

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