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Words of warning for winter nutrition

  • Date: 2018-07-06
  • Issued by: Agriculture Bureau

It is winter now, a time for winter nutrition. According to traditional Chinese health-care theories, it takes food tonics and herbal tonics together to improve immunity, nourish the liver and kidney, and promote blood circulation, so that we can prolong our life. An old saying goes like this, “Have tonics in the winter months and you can kill a tiger in the coming year.” It clearly indicates that winter is the time to conserve energy and build up strength for the coming year. Most of our people are accustomed to having winter nutrition for which sesame oil chicken and ginger duck are among the best known tonics. A variety of tonic cuisines are prepared with such Chinese herbal medicines as Cordyceps sinensis, polygoni multiflori, Astragalus membranaceus, angelica, red dates, Lycium chinense. Those dishes are often added in ginger and sesame oil and other ingredients. In addition, the Council of Agriculture, Executive Yuan, also pointed out that poultry is highly recommended by Chinese herbal practitioners and food experts for its high-protein but low-fat property; chicken is good for strengthening muscle and bone, promoting blood circulation, and regulating menstruation, while ginger duck is good for growing yin and nourishing yang, invigorating vitality, promoting blood circulation, and enhancing the immune system. Both are the best ingredients for winter nutrition, for which our citizens are encouraged to buy domestic poultry. As a word of warning, everyone should choose the right kind of tonics in accordance with his/her particular physical conditions. Never act blindly. Otherwise, you may suffer from discomfort.

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