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Prevention of sexual harassment

  • Date: 2018-07-06
  • Issued by: Police Department

To enhance self-protection awareness, we would like to cite for your reference some high-profile cases that have recently happened. We will also provide some related legal knowledge and points for your attention. It is hoped that public awareness will be raised and crime can be prevented.

A. Case Profile

According to a newspaper report on September 13, 2012, a woman at Taipei Eslite Bookstore felt there was heat around her thigh. She turned her head to find a man peeping under her skirt. The woman asked loudly, "What are you doing?" The man denied peeping but rushed to the door and escaped albeit the woman shouted for help and ran after him. Another media report, published on September 14, indicated that a woman, while riding the MRT, felt very uncomfortable about a hard object touching her bottom. She turned her head to find that a man crouching behind her quickly withdrew his right hand from her skirt. The woman was frightened but shouted, "What are you doing?" The man tried to escape when the train stopped at Ximen Station. The woman chased the man and called the police to arrest him.

B. Case Analysis

(A) The form of sexual harassment: The so-called sexual harassment is inappropriate gender-related language, behavior, physical contact, or unwanted excessive pursuit by the same sex or the opposite sex which make the other party feel uncomfortable or insulted and which affect his or her normal life.

(B) How to avoid "groping" while taking public transportation:

1. Dress appropriately. Do not expose your body too much to avoid malicious harassment.

2. When riding on the bus or MRT, select the single seater. If taking a double seat, choose the aisle seat, so that you can quickly escape if sexual harassment is to happen.

3. When riding on the bus or MRT, put your bag on your thighs to avoid a malicious touch by others.

4. Keep vigilant. Avoid falling asleep, bowing your head to read or play a cell phone.

(C) Pay attention to your own security at any time. If you fall prey to sexual harassment, do not panic but shout "No" and “Pervert, what are you doing?". Try to draw the attention of others and use such tools as a cell phone or a camera to record evidences of sexual harassment, including time and place. If you know where the offender works, call his or her company directly to file a complaint or report directly to the police. Remember to file the complaint within one year. If the "touching” behavior is related to Article 25 of Sexual Harassment Prevention Act, the complaint must be filed within six months. Never forbear any harassment case; otherwise, the offender may be encouraged to harass more victims.

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