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Lunar New Year Security Maintaining Task kicks off

  • Date: 2018-07-06
  • Issued by: Police Department

To show our determination, Taichung City Government Police Department invited the military police, the vigilante, the civil defense units, the neighborhood watch, and volunteers to hold a kick-off and review ceremony at the square of New Taichung City Hall on January 31, 2013, the first day to carry out the 2013 Lunar New Year Security Maintaining Task.

Chaired by Deputy Mayor Shyu, the event commenced at 10:00 and Deputy Mayor Shyu reviewed all the units one by one. There were the police, the Special Task Squadron, the military police, and other supporting forces from the private organizations, including the vigilante, the civil defense units, the patrol teams, and police volunteers. In total, over 600 people and 60 vehicles took part in the event. It was really a spectacular lineup. Deputy Mayor Shyu first expressed his thanks to all the participants and then pointed out that the coming lunar New Year will be the year of "snake". Every time a snake grows, it will shed its old skin. The “ moulting” process makes it grow bigger and stronger. I hope our 2013 Lunar New Year Security Maintaining Task will also grow bigger and stronger in the year of snake, ”said Deputy Mayor Shyu. Before ending the review ceremony, Deputy Mayor Shyu invited honored guests to knock "the gong", officially declaring the commencement of 2013 Lunar New Year Security Maintaining Task in Taichung City.

To enhance our power to fight against crime, Tiao Chien-sheng , Commissioner of Taichung City Government Police Department, has urged to set up the "Special Task Squadron" for years. Approved by Mayor Jason Hu, the long-awaited "Special Task Squadron" also made its debut today. Belonging to the Security Police Battalion, the Special Task Squadron is responsible for routine mobile patrols and emergency preparedness and response. If there is any major security incident, the Special Task Squadron can be summoned to deal with all the crucial tasks and the most dangerous tasks in particular. It is believed the Special Task Squadron will give our citizens a better security environment.

  • Date : 2013-02-18
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