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Traffic accident cases to be handled once and for all

  • Date: 2018-07-06
  • Issued by: Police Department

Traffic Accident Public Service System was born in Taichung City to provide convenient and productive service to the public.

1. Since Taichung City was upgraded to a special municipality, the Traffic Police Corps of Taichung City Government Police Department has begun to improve the quality and efficiency of processing the road traffic accidents. We first set up “online road traffic accidents information system" and gradually carried out a number of programs, including "digitized traffic accident spot diagramming system" and “energy-saving and paper-reducing plan". We have smoothly integrated the traffic accident processing operations among all the units, ironed out the differences, and built up the "Traffic Accident Public Service System", which can reduce time and effort of our citizens to apply for information about a traffic accident. The Traffic Accident Public Service System has been formally launched since February 1. People can now apply online for a traffic accident spot diagram after 5 days of an accident or a judgment statement after 7 days of that accident. Compared to the 30 days required by the National Police Agency for the application of a judgment statement, our Traffic Accident Public Service System shortens the waiting time by 23 days, or increasing efficiency by about 77%. It is even better that an applicant can view or pick up his/her diagram or statement at the nearest traffic branch, squad, or police units 3 days after filing in the application (or 7 days later for a judgment statement).

2. Wu Qi-rui (吳啟瑞), Commander of Traffic Police Corps, said that when an accident occurs, all the concerned parties need to apply for the information for claims, litigation, reconciliation and other related matters; In the past, a traffic accident spot diagram or photo can be applied 7 days after the accident and a judgment statement 30 days later; during the period all the concerned parties shall go back and forth to the Traffic Police Corps or in between the processing units. Even worse, the concerned government agencies may make judgment within 15 days after accepting an application or postpone the judgment for another 15 days according to the law, a situation that may confuse the applicants on when and how to approach the original processing unit or the joint service center of Traffic Police Corps. Now, the Traffic Accident Public Service System, which is designed to provide “once-and-for-all” service, not only shortens the processing time but also clearly informs the applicant of when to view or pick up his/her file. The System also helps shorten the subsequent insurance claims and mediation process. It is the best and the most convenient service offered by the police department ever. (System Website http://aps.police.taichung.gov.tw/TJMWebApp/Apply.jsp)

3. Commander Wu urged our citizens once again that drunk driving may kill oneself and/or others, causing a great deal of damage to a family and the society. One should never drink and drive.

  • Date : 2013-03-05
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