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2013 Land Value Tax Levied According to 'New' Land Value

  • Date: 2018-07-06
  • Issued by: Local Tax Bureau

The Taichung City Local Tax Bureau has said that, according to average land ownership regulations, land prices should be redefined once every 3 years. Land prices are due to be redefined this year (2013), and this process has already been completed in Taichung. Apart from a slight downward adjustment in central districts, prices in the remaining administrative districts have all increased by an average of 17.78%. This year's land value tax will be levied according to the 'new' land prices.

The Local Tax Bureau said that public announcements of adjustments in land price are made by the Land Value Review Committee and take into consideration the last time land prices were announced and the price of land sales or revenue prices over the last year. Also taken into consideration is the socio-economic landscape and geographic factors affecting land price - including land use control, transport, natural factors, land improvements, public works, special facilities, industrial and commercial activities, the situation relating to property construction, the situation relating to land use, development trends, and other factors.

The Local Tax Bureau further explained that, because land value in the majority of administrative districts had been adjusted upwards, this year the amount owed for land value should increase. If the land counts as owner-occupied residential land or commercial-use land, all the land owners can apply to take advantage of a beneficial tax rate levy on land value within 40 days of the land tax levy (which is to say September 22 – because this day falls on a Sunday, the submission date has been extended to September 23) in order to reduce the tax burden.

  • Date : 2013-05-27
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