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Come for Your Motorcycle Maintenance and Inspection and Win Great Prizes!

  • Date: 2018-07-06
  • Issued by: Environmental Protection Bureau

In order to encourage motorcycle owners to carry out regular maintenance and inspection on their vehicles, the Taichung City Government Environmental Protection Bureau has been actively promoting a single inspection system combining regular checks and maintenance. Before carrying out a routine motorcycle inspection, 104 model maintenance and inspection stations provide a basic seven-step motorcycle care and maintenance service. Not only does this effectively reduce motorcycle exhaust emissions, but from today until November 20th 2013 motorcycle owners who go to a model station for maintenance and inspection of their vehicles are entitled to take part in the ‘Come for Your Motorcycle Maintenance and Inspection and Win Great Prizes’ event. Prizes include 42-inch LCD TVs, high-end digital cameras, folding bikes, tablet computers, external mobile batteries, restaurant vouchers worth 500 TWD and convenience store vouchers worth 100 TWD. In total, there are 1,932 prizes up for grabs and the enthusiastic participation of the city's residents is more than welcome. To find out more about the model stations and prize draws, please visit the Taichung City Government Environmental Protection Bureau website at http://www.epb.taichung.gov.tw/index.asp and look for the page about motorcycle exhaust inspection stations (set inspection stations) - or, alternatively, call 04-22181547.

Recent years have seen a rise in the price of new motorcycles, which frequently cost several tens of thousands of Taiwanese Dollars. Not only can owners that carry out regular maintenance of their motorcycles maintain the performance of their vehicles and effectively extend their use life, but this is the only way of cutting down on maintenance fees. As a result, in 2010 Taichung began promoting the combined maintenance and inspection system at 2 model stations. In 2011 this figure was increased to 40, and by 2012 the number of model stations had reached 104. In total, 20,922 maintenance and inspection checks have been carried out since the system was introduced, and statistics for this period show that exhaust emissions for two-stroke motorcycles have improved by over 10%, and those for four-stroke motorcycles have improved by more than 20% - clearly demonstrating the effectiveness of the combined maintenance and inspection system. As a result, the Environmental Protection Bureau has continued to implement the scheme in 2013, and it is predicted that the combined maintenance and inspection service can be provided to at least 20,000 motorcycles.

Director-General of the Environmental Protection Bureau Liu Bang-yu has said that the concept of combined maintenance and inspection is a very important one. Because motorcycle emissions contain a large amount of pollutants, they have been one of the contributors to a decline in air quality in Taiwan. The use of motorcycles among Taiwanese citizens is very common, and annual inspections can allow us to discern whether or not the motorcycle’s emissions conform to regulatory standards. Maintaining and repairing old, worn-out parts can reduce the amount of pollutants emitted by motorcycles, so before the inspections are carried out the Environmental Protection Bureau's model stations provide a free seven-step maintenance service that includes a motorcycle body wash and covers tires, the exhaust pipe, spark plugs, brakes, and lights. The aim is to encourage motorcycle owners to get into the habit of carrying out regular maintenance and inspections of their vehicles.

Currently, within the Taichung jurisdiction the Environmental Protection Bureau has promoted the creation of 104 model stations. From today, motorcycle owners who carry out annual exhaust inspections need only to go to the models stations, say that they are willing to take part in the combined maintenance and inspection program, and provide materials showing that they have registered for the system to be eligible for the prize draw. The Environmental Protection Bureau is inviting motorcycle owners to come and take part and wishes them the best of luck in winning a prize.

  • Date : 2013-06-06
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