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Bonus Points for Living Green Action Card

  • Date: 2018-07-06
  • Issued by: Environmental Protection Bureau
Bonus Points for Living Green Action Card
Bonus Points for Living Green Action Card

The Environmental Protection Bureau (EPB) of Taichung City Government has been promoting a program called “Six Low-carbon Activities,” which include classifying and recycling waste, eating green to lessen food waste, carrying cup / chopsticks / handkerchief / shopping bags all the time, reading green books, joining environmental education tours, and loving the Earth by resources recycling. To symbolize such a program taking roots in the educational system, the EPB invited the kid violinists of Taichung City Happy Angel Orchestra to act as Little Angels for the program and perform Small-World music series today (June 18).

Director-general Liu Bang-Yu (劉邦裕) said, “To make the six low carbon activities become part of daily life of every student, we have designed the ‘Love the Earth / Living Green Action Card’ and are holding a bonus-point collection program for it. All the 290,000 students in the 332 elementary schools in Taichung City are invited to take part in the program during the period between July 1 and September 30. Any kid student whose card is signed by his/her teacher or parent to prove his/her taking action to carry out any of the six low carbon activities is eligible for the lucky draw to win a prize.”

Environmental Protection Bureau said that all the "Living Green Action Cards" will bedelivered to schools in June, so that students will be encouraged to carry out any of the six low carbon activities during the summer vacation and at the beginning of the next school semester. The six low carbon activities include waste classification and recycling, no meat in a meal every day to reduce food waste, bringing cup / chopsticks / handkerchief / shopping bags along with yourself all the time, reading books related to environmental protection to cultivate the concept and interest in environmental protection, joining environmental education tours during holidays, and using recycled materials to hand make a personal work, etc. Any kid student takes part in any of the above-mentioned activities and presents a supporting document (such as photographs or experience sharing paper) signed by his/her school teachers or parents can collect one bonus point. Anyone who will have collected 6 bonus points can hand in his/her Living Green Action Card to his/her school on or before October 1. Schools will then submit all the Cards collected thereafter to the EPB for lucky draw, in which 535 prizes will be given out including bicycles, NT$1,000 book coupons, and so on. The EPB will then make a participation rate statistic for all the schools and each of the 12 top-rated schools will be awarded with a Certificate of Merit together with a quota of 10 learning courses and 50 copies of promotional products.

The EPB calls on school teachers and parents to encourage kids to live green and develop it into a habit. It is hoped that everyone can make environmental protection a part of his/her daily life, so that Taichung City will become a truly low carbon city. For further information, please visit the EPB website at http://recycle.epb.taichung.gov.tw or call the Resource Recycling Hotline at (04) 2229-4025 for Miss Lu and/or Mr. Chung or (04) 2328-2126 for Miss Tsai.

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