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Professor Wu Jia-Cheng Teach You to Enjoy Toxic Free Lifestyle

  • Date: 2018-07-06
  • Issued by: Labor Affairs Bureau
Professor Wu Jia-Cheng Teach You to Enjoy Toxic Free Lifestyle
Professor Wu Jia-Cheng Teach You to Enjoy Toxic Free Lifestyle

Illegal additives, such as cloudy agent, plasticizer, and toxic starch, have been found in processed foods, causing much concern about food safety in Taiwan. Amid the food scares, many people are asking the same question "What can we eat?!" To answer the question, the Labor Affairs Bureau of Taichung City Government held a seminar this morning. Professor Wu Jia-Cheng (吳家誠) was invited to lecture on his own book Sinister Commodities I Never Buy (毒物專家絕不買的黑心商品) to share his own experiences in leading a toxic-free lifestyle.

Lai Shu-Hui (賴淑惠), Director-general of Labor Affairs Bureau, said, “My agency has opened a number of courses in Labor University to help our working class friends enhance their competitiveness in the workplace. Moreover, we have also held this sort of short lectures to expand their knowledge horizon. Our friends need to spend only two hours listening to a lecture to get all the essence of a book. It is an alternative way of learning.”

Director-general Lai added, “It is really wonderful to have Professor Wu Jia-Cheng(吳家誠) to talk on his own book this time. Our participants spend just two hours but can share the expertise and personal experiences of Professor Wu on how to avoid eating toxic foods.”

Professor Wu Jia-Cheng(吳家誠) stressed that there are too many toxic products in the market. “Not all the advertisements convey wrong messages. For instance, an ad tells you that no bisphenol A is added in this product and it is true. The problem lies in what the ad does not tell you. It can never tell you what other toxic stuff may have been added. Thus, it is you as a consumer who must open wide your own eyes to judge.”

Professor Wu reminded his audience that many people may bring their own cups to buy drinks for environmental protection purposes but the so called "green cup",if wrongly chosen, may release even more toxic substances to hurt our health.

There were about 150 people participating in the book talk this morning. It was originally planned that three lucky participants would be given books signed by the author. Director-general Lai added one more signed book for the lucky draw and won a big applause from the audience.

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