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Patrol Team at Sungpo Fishing Port Kicks off

  • Date: 2018-07-06
  • Issued by: Environmental Protection Bureau
Patrol Team at Sungpo Fishing Port Kicks off
Patrol Team at Sungpo Fishing Port Kicks off

To enhance the cleaning and maintenance of marine environments, the Environmental Protection Bureau (EPB) of Taichung City Government has called upon and assisted a group of fishermen to set up a patrol team at their own fishing port.The Sungpo Patrol Team (松柏巡守隊) held its inaugural ceremony on July 4, 2013 at the Dajia Office of Taichung District Fishermen Association, to show determination in protecting marine environments.

EPB also held a beach cleaning activity at the Sai Qi seawall (西歧海堤) of Dajia District at 2:00 p.m.on July 6(Saturday). Held in conjunction with formation of the patrol team at Sungpo Fishing Port, the beach cleaning event was attended by over 60 people, including local residents and staff from the Coast Guard Administration and the Jeng Jing Charity Association (正勤愛心協會). They worked together to clean out 280 kgs of garbage (including 37 kgs of recyclable waste).

There are currently 30 patrol teams, consisting of 670 volunteers, in Taichung City, whose patrol range covers the major basins of Daan River, Dajia River,and Wu River. Meanwhile, the newly established Dajia District Sungpo Patrol Team is to inspect the Sungpo Fishing Port and the ship travel routes within the port. As the surrounding waters are incorporated into its existing patrol routes, it is expected to enhance pollution control over the rivers and marine environments in Taichung, making it more livable to our citizens.

The EPB said that Taichung has about 41 kilometers of coastline, including the Gaomei Wetland and other scenic areas, which are quite suitable for sightseeing and recreation. However, the coastline has been polluted by such waste as disposable tableware, plastic bags, Styrofoam for fishing, and drift wood. Thus, the EPB launched this beach cleaning activity in which citizens used their hands to pick up garbage, felt how seriously garbage could impact ecological environment of the coastline, and thought about how to reduce marine pollution in their daily life.

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