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The 2013 Taichung City Innovative Environmental Education and Cultural Products Contest is About to Begin!

  • Date: 2018-07-06
  • Issued by: Environmental Protection Bureau

Registration for the Taichung City Government Environmental Protection Bureau's Green Awareness: Innovative Environmental Education and Cultural Products is about to begin! Up until September 20th (Friday), individuals or groups with ROC nationality are welcome to submit their entries, with a limit of 3 entries per individual or group. For more information please log on to the Taichung City Government Environmental Protection Bureau's website for the latest updates.

In order to encourage concern and approval among members of the public about environmental education and a local culture of protecting the environment, the Taichung City Government Environmental Protection Bureau has specially arranged the Innovative Environmental Education and Cultural Products Contest. The core value of the contest is the creation of innovative cultural products using recycled objects. This year the public is particularly encouraged to use wooden or leather fabric recycled materials as the main material for their products, which they should combine with other materials and technology to creative innovative cultural merchandise (including external packaging) made through manipulating the recycled object's color, texture, shape, line, surface ornamentation or other details. Design content covers household goods, home accessories, electronic peripherals and entertainment products. Products can be presented as single piece of series of works.

Participants are encouraged to turn recycled materials into products that both contain elements of environmental education and are highly innovative. The winning entry will have the chance to be displayed and evaluated at the Environmental Protection Bureau's Po Lin Furniture Reclamation Center, in addition to being used to promote environmental education. Other prizes and prize money are as follows: First Prize – 1 medal and 60,000 TWD; Second Prize – 1 medal and 40,000 TWD; Third Prize – 1 medal and 20,000 TWD; Outstanding Entries (5 winners) - certificate and 10,000 TWD. There are also three Special Prizes, which include the Most Innovative Entry Prize, Most Useful Entry Prize and Most Environmentally-Friendly Prize – the winner of each of these will receive 1 certificate and 10,000 TWD. Total prize money of 200,000 TWD is up for grabs.

For information about this event please go to the the Taichung City Government Bureau of Environmental Protection's website at http://www.epb.taichung.gov.tw/ or ring Miss Hsu on (04) 22195105.

  • Date : 2013-08-06
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