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Mice Killing War

  • Date: 2018-07-06
  • Issued by: Environmental Protection Bureau

After gene comparison, the Council of Agriculture confirmed on July 30 that the house shrew climbing over the feet of a woman living in Taitung City was infected with rabies. Belonging to order Insectivora, the house shrews are not rodents but mammals. Unlike rodents that can climb the wall, the house shrews mainly move around on the ground, including lawns, parks, ditches, and homes. They exist in the city or the countryside, especially the cottage houses one to two hundred meters above the sea level.

Environmental Protection Bureau (EPB) of Taichung City Government calls on people to thoroughly clean their living environment internally and externally, especially the kitchen, to effectively prevent the mice from hiding. The EPB has mobilized volunteers and cleaners to conduct and promote environmental cleanup and also urge people to eliminate mice by carrying out the following three principles:

1. Keep mice out: Strengthen the house structure. Plug all the holes and pores on the walls and the doors. Install meshes on the water inlets and outlets and entrances of the drain system.

2. Prevent rodents from eating and drinking: Cover up all the foods and kitchen waste and place them appropriately. Remove trash as soon as possible. Clean out excess livestock feed.Keep the shelf containing foods at least30 cmabove the ground. Cut off water sources. Empty water containers.

3. Don't give rodents living space: Keep the environment as clean as possible. Clear ofweeds, trash, boxes and baskets. Close or block all the nests and caves that rodents may hide.

The EPB reiterates that rodent baits will be distributed soon to residents living in low-altitude mountainous areas.Each person may receive a packet, which can be broken down into 10 small pieces to be placed on the corners and routes that rodents may pass by. If you find any trace of a mouse, you can buy and place sticky mouse boards, rat traps and baits on proper places, but remember to keep them away from children and pets.

Everyone is urged to take part in this rodent elimination campaign.

  • Date : 2013-08-05
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