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Love‧Zero Violence Child And Youth Protection Programs Kick Off

  • Date: 2018-07-06
  • Issued by: Social Affairs Bureau

A promotion program for "Love‧Zero Violence" Child and Youth Protection was held at Taichung City Hall located on Taiwan Boulevard on August 14. Deputy Mayor Shyu Jong-Shyoung (徐中雄) urged parents to respect the autonomy of child and youth and correct the misconception "I am entitled to beat and scorn my own child.” He also reminded parents to keep an eye on Internet addiction disorder, which can cause as much damage as domestic violence.

Wang Xiu-yan (王秀燕), Director-general of Social Affairs Bureau, said, “Poor marital relationship and alcoholism are two main reasons of adult violence. In the past, we had so limited manpower that we could only give shelter to protect our children and youths after a case was notified. Now, we encourage the abused to call us for help, so that we can root out domestic violence.”

Deputy Mayor Shyu said, "Many parents have a misconception. They consider their own kids as their properties and they are thus entitled to beat and scorn their own kids as much as they want. That is why I think the first step for child and youth protection should start from correcting the concept of adults. Parents should respect the physical autonomy of their children and youths.”

Deputy Mayor Shyu pointed out that many domestic violence cases take place next door to us, but we are too careless to notice them. Shyu thus urged the general public to enhance sensitivity and report any child and youth violence case to hotline 113 to prevent unfortunate incidents from occurring.

Social Affairs Bureau of Taichung City Government hired singer Wang Chi-fang (王梓芳) to compose two propaganda songs "Love‧Zero Violence" and "GO GO HAPPY” last year. On the promotional event held on August 14, Wang Chi-fang was invited to sing these two songs while kids from Julia Kindergarten and big cartoon dolls were dancing on the background. This event has officially kicked off a series of promotional activities for this year.

Social Affairs Bureau said that this year's main theme is "dancing happiness" and 10 advocacy activities featuring interesting drama and rhythm dance will be conducted between August and October. It is hoped that children and the youths can raise self-protection awareness and learn to protect themselves in a relaxed and lively way.

In addition, "Love‧Zero Violence" rhythm dance contests will be held for kindergarten and elementary school children, "GO GO HAPPY" Creative Dance Competition for junior and senior high school students, and “coloration painting contests” for third-grade students and younger. The rhythm dance preliminaries will be held at Yichung New City shopping district on October 5. The "rhythm dance finals", "Creative Dance Competition" and "coloration painting contests" will be held at the National Museum of Natural Science on Oct. 26. For detailed information, please visit our official website www.2013tclove.com.tw or contact our hotline 04-23158550.

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