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Community Policing Forum Held in North District

  • Date: 2018-07-06
  • Issued by: Police Department

2nd Precinct of Taichung City Government Police Department held a "community policing forum" in North District yesterday. Co-chaired by Lin Qin-Chiu (林清求, Director of 2nd Precinct) and Lee Cheng-Feng (李政峯, Chief of North District Office), the forum was attended by legislator Lu, city councilors from North District, neighborhood chiefs, neighborhood watch team members, volunteer police, and school representatives. Chief Prosecutor Wang of Taichung District Prosecutors Office was invited to deliver a key-note speech on the current status of drug control and public order in Taichung City. The forum was well received by participants.

Chief Prosecutor Wang told the participants of the current status, strategy and vision for drug control in Taichung City. He cited statistics to prove that public order has made a lot of improvement in Taichung City. He also analyzed how prosecutors and police have been clamping down on drug trafficking and called for people to work together to prevent drugs from entering into the campus because drugs harm the physical and mental health of students and impact the future of a country. City councilman Chen You-Jiang (陳有江) asked Chief Prosecutor Wang a question about how to assess punishment on theft crime. A number of community residents also gave their personal opinions on drug-related crime.

Following the key-note speech, officers from relevant units of 2nd Precinct talked about such vital issues as public security, transportation, civil defense, theft prevention, anti-fraud and anti-drunk driving. They put special emphasis on avoidance of drunk driving, calling it the biggest culprit of traffic accidents. They also urged people to obey the traffic rules so as to protect themselves and others.

This kind of tripartite community forums involving the police, neighborhood chiefs, and residents will be held more often so as to build up parallel partnership between the public and the police, strengthen community safety, and reduce trouble spots. If forums can be held in a lively way, we at the Police Department shall be able to build up more intimate relationships with the public and rise up our image.

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