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Lotto 6/49 First Prize Winner Donates Four Rehabus Vehicles

  • Date: 2018-07-06
  • Issued by: Social Affairs Bureau

First prize winners of Taiwan Lottery have made donation to Taichung for six times! The first-prize winner of Lotto 6/49 announced on February 19, 2013 donates NT$ 20 million, among which NT$ 7.2 million is for Taichung City Government to purchase four high-top Rehabus vehicles. Mayor Jason Hu expressed his thanks to the donor. So far, Taichung has had the largest number of Rehabus vehicles among the five special municipalities.

Taichung City Government, Taiwan Lottery Co., and Chinatrust Charity Foundation jointly held the donation press conference today (September 24). Present were Mayor Jason Hu, Xue Xiang-chuan (薛香川, Chairman of Taiwan Lottery Co.), Huang Zhi-Yi (黃志宜, Present of Taiwan Lottery Co.), Wang Xiu-Yuan (王秀燕, Director-general of Social Affairs Bureau), Shi Jing-Wen (石靜文, Director-general of Information Bureau), and others.

On behalf of the donor, Chairman Xue presented a token check of NT$20 million to Mayor Hu, who represented for the five donation recipients, namely Taichung City Government, the World Vision, the Family Support Foundation, the Child Welfare League and the Chinatrust Charity Foundation.

Mayor Hu said, “Taichung has 217 Rehabus vehicles now. We have the largest number of Rehabus vehicles among the five special municipalities. It is required that we have 200 Rehabus vehicles and we have 17 more Rehabus vehicles than the statutory standard now. For this, I am very grateful to the lottery winners for their donations. We can offer better Rehabus services to the disadvantaged groups now.”

Chairman Xue said, “This first-prize winner often contacts with the disabled at work. That is why his first thought is to donate Rehabus when he learned he won the first prize. Through proper planning, we allocate NT$ 7.2 million to assist the Social Affairs Bureau to buy 4 Rehabus vehicles. Taichung has so far been donated with 19 Rehabus vehicles when the other 15 buses donated by previous lottery winners are counted in. Taichung is really blessed!”

Social Affairs Bureau pointed out that these four high-top Rehabus vehicles and the other old Rehabus vehicles with some parts replaced should be able to serve 13,896 people in the next eight years. This shall effectively alleviate the mobility problems for the handicapped in Taichung area by taking them for medical treatment, rehabilitation, business trip, job seeking, shopping or social activities.

NT$ 2 million is each donated to the World Vision, the Family Support Foundation, and the Child Welfare League. Moreover, NT$ 6.8 million is donated to Chinatrust Charity Foundation for its overall planning, said the Social Affairs Bureau.

Xue Xiang-Chuan, Chairman of Taiwan Lottery Co., said “Up to the end of this month, the lottery winners have donated NT$ 2.78 billion for social works, which have benefited more than 3.1 million disabled people. I am proud for them. They have spread their love to the whole country.”

  • Date : 2013-09-30
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