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Entrepreneur Markets Won High Praise

  • Date: 2018-07-06
  • Issued by: Labor Affairs Bureau

Labor Affairs Bureau of Taichung City Government held the “Entrepreneur Markets” event at the National Library of Public Information on the afternoon September 28, 2013.Many dream-chasing entrepreneurs set up their booths there and many people joined the event together with families. Among all the sales promotion tools, “lucky bags” were the most popular. Miss Wu exclaimed she was so lucky to get a valuable “lucky bag” by buying thing worth only NT$200.

A variety of products were sold by vendors. There were local snacks to arouse your nostalgia, cakes for the occasion, fine souvenirs, and cultural and creative handcrafts designed by artists. You can buy goods happily and eat food with peace of mind there. Director-general Lai of Labor Affairs Bureau also went to the site to cheer those entrepreneurs, wishing them to make their dream come true, beat economic recession, and create a happy Taichung.

Mr. Yang set up his booth to sell high quality bamboo charcoal socks, which have not only won him a MIT Smile Mark and a number of certifications but also OEM orders from many well-known brands. He started up his own business only because his family had suffered from foot fungal infections and he wanted to help them get rid of the chronic disease.

The “Entrepreneur Markets” event is meant to showcase the high-quality products made by those successful entrepreneurs like Mr. Yang, who are under the guidance and counseling by the Labor Affairs Bureau. It is hoped that people can share the joy of success with those entrepreneurs. In addition to the physical Entrepreneur Markets, Labor Affairs Bureau has also built up the "Boss 168 Net" to help those entrepreneurs expand their markets online. The "Boss 168 Net" is a virtual platform where the entrepreneurs can exhibit their products, increase exposure of their companies and products, and exchange ideas. Everyone is welcomed to visit this "Boss 168 Net" at http://boss168.taichung.gov.tw/.

  • Date : 2013-10-09
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