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Deputy Mayor Shyu Visited Centenarians on Chung Yeung Festival

  • Date: 2018-07-06
  • Issued by: Social Affairs Bureau
Deputy Mayor Shyu Visited Centenarians on Chung Yeung Festival
Deputy Mayor Shyu Visited Centenarians on Chung Yeung Festival

On behalf of Mayor Jason Hu, Deputy Mayor Shyu Jong-shyoung (徐中雄) paid respect to 105-year-old Lee Zi-ting (李梓亭) and 100-year-old Liu Chen-hwa (劉陳畫) on October 11. Deputy Mayor Shyu conferred to both centenarians gold pieces, certificates written by President Ma Ying-jeou for showing respect to the elderly, gold plaques, NT$10,000 gift money, and warm blankets for the celebration of Chung Yeung Festival.

Domiciled in Wurih District, grandpa Lee Zi-ting has four sons and three daughters. He is currently living with his grandson Lee Yao-xuan (李曜暄), a Chinese herbal medicine practitioner, together with grandchildren. Accompanied by Liu Hong-zhong (劉宏忠, Chief Secretary of Social Affairs Bureau) and Liao Mao-song (廖茂松, Chief Secretary of Wurih District Office), Deputy Mayor Shyu visited grandpa Lee at his home. Coming together was also city councilor Liu Shi-jou (劉士州).

Grandpa Lee came from Anhui Province, China, where he once served as township chief. At the age of 105, he is now confined to a wheelchair but in good health except suffering from some hearing loss. His grandson Lee Yao-xuan said that Grandpa enjoys longevity because he does not smoke, drink, and take stimulating foods but always eats slowly. He always feel happy in life.

Lee Yao-xuan said jokingly that Grandpa is a gourmet, who eats meat (pork in particular) every meal. Deputy Mayor Shyu replied happily that his wife restricted his diets, claiming for his health and longevity; he could now eat anything he wanted, citing Grandpa Lee as evidence.

Deputy Mayor Shyu pointed out that physician Lee Yao-xuan looked so young that he did not look like a 50-year-old man. As physician Lee’s father is 80 years old this year, Deputy Mayor Shyu could not help but admire that the Lees must have "longevity genes”.

Then, Deputy Mayor Shyu was accompanied by Cheng Tai-yuan (程泰源), chief of Nantun District, to visit grandma Liu Chen-hwa, who is taken care of in turns by three sons (namely Liu Qing-han (劉清漢), Liu Qing-xun (劉清勳), Liu Shang-lin (劉上林)) and Liu Wen Mang (劉溫滿), the eldest son's wife. Grandma Liu Chen likes to chat with her family, especially her 24 grandchildren in three generations, including 10 grandsons, 7 granddaughters, and 7 great-grandchildren. Grandma Liu Chen can call each of them by name.

The 100-year-old grandma Liu Chen is very active. She likes to stroll along Dazong East Street and Dazong West Street and enjoys flowers and trees. Her family said Grandma has very low desire for material; she is optimistic and cheerful; she always has vegetarian breakfast but eats everything for daily diet, in particular, fat meat.

Grandma Liu Chen 's longevity lies in the fact that she sleeps early and gets up early, does moderate exercise, and takes nutritional supplements every day such as milk, fruit juice, seasoned millet mush, and so on. She always eats slightly warm foods. she was elected a role model in many occasions, like model family, model elderly, charity and merit, good deeds, merit farming officer of Tao Heung Association (稻香協會), and exemplary mother of Gao-chian Li (溝墘里).

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