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Taichung Held 1st Recognition Ceremony for Care Aides

  • Date: 2018-07-06
  • Issued by: Social Affairs Bureau
Taichung Held 1st Recognition Ceremony for Care Aides
Taichung Held 1st Recognition Ceremony for Care Aides

Taichung City held its 1st recognition ceremony for home and community care aides in Taichung Maison de Chine (臺中市兆品酒店) on October 26. Honorly awarded were 41 care aids and their supervisors, among whom Ms. Liu Xiu-dan (劉秀丹) of Laudo Homes (樂多家園) won the Special Contribution Award. She went on stage to share her 15 years of care service experience. Mayor Jason Hu conferred the awards, expressed his thanks to care aides who helped create a warm and safe home for the elders, and encouraged more males to join the care service trade.

In the recognition ceremony, 41 awardees, including 32 care aides and 9 supervisors were conferred with Special Contribution Award, Senority and Dedication Award, and Excellence Service Awards. Present at the ceremony were Mayor Hu, Director-general Wang Xiu-yan (王秀燕) of Social Affairs Bureau, and City Councilor Shen You-lian (沈佑蓮) as well as many other guests. Elders and volunteers of China LifeCare Community Services Association (中華傳愛社區服務協會) were also invited to present performances.

Mayor Hu said, “I find there are more than 600 care aides in this industry, but most of them are females. I myself can do many things. Perhaps, I shall join this care service industry after I retire from my office. I encourage more males to join the home services industry.”

"What is the secret in taking care of the elderly?" 65-year-old Liu Xiu-dan won the Special Contribution Award and shared her 15 years of day-care service experience on the stage. She said, “I spent the past 15 years accompanying and chatting with the elderly every day. Yes, it is a hard job but I feel happy whenever I see the elders smiling. It is not easy to take care of the elderly and it is even more difficult to take care of the elderly with dementia. The secret is simple: you love the elders like your own family members. Listen to them patiently and care for their needs. That’s it!”

“It is especially difficult to deal with the seniors when they feel moody or depressed.” Ms. Liu Xiu-dan said, “At a time like this, I will tell them that I am their daughter and I love them very much. Then, I will give them a hug, pat their back. Then, the seniors will gradually open their minds and even tell me their own secrets. I always love to see their smiling faces. That is something keeping me moving and working harder.”

Director-general Wang pointed out that our population is aging rapidly in recent years. People aged 65 and over are accounted for 9.26% of the total population in Taichung City. The elders who need long-term care increase every year. There are 3,300 elders who are using home services and community-style day care services offered by 642 care aides. “The purpose of holding this recognition ceremony is to make the general public better understand the work and the value of care aides and thus encourage more people to join the care service industry,” added Director-general Wang.

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