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North District Family Welfare Service Center Starts Service

  • Date: 2018-07-06
  • Issued by: Social Affairs Bureau

Located on the 4th floor of North District Women and Children's Museum, the North District Family Welfare Service Center has started service since October 31, when the opening ceremony was officiated by the Wang Xiu-Yan (王秀燕), Director-general of Social Affairs Bureau, and representatives from all sectors, who lit up the Forever Love Wheel together. After the opening ceremony, nine (9) social workers are stationed at the Center to provide service to the 383,000 residents in the 83 neighborhoods of Xitun District, North District, and Central District. People in need of social welfare consultation can now get assistance from this Center.

North District Family Welfare Service Center is set up at the 4th floor of Taichung Yingcai Women and Children's Museum, which has been an important point to offer social welfare even before the Taichung city/county merger. You will find that all of its floors are used for to provide social service resources, including volunteer service promotion centers, meeting places for minor child supervision, single-parent family welfare services, childcare resource centers, child development reporting centers, and child development enlightenment resource centers.

Director-general Wang said that family welfare service centers are a new family-oriented and community-based service model and Social Affairs Bureau has already set up a center each in Dongshih, Beitun, Dajia, Dali, Shalu, Fengyuan, North District, and West District. Service areas cover all the 29 administrative districts in Taichung City. People are welcomed to visit the centers and use the resources there.

To provide localized social services in a timely and professional manner, the Social Affairs Bureau has set up eight family welfare service centers in only six months from April to October 2013. This North District Centre is dedicated to 3 administrative districts, including Xitun District, Central District, and North District. According to statistical analysis, Central District has 26% of population in the age group under 18, the highest proportion among the 3 districts and 29 districts in Taichung while the number of households and residents and the areas of Central District are relatively small. Meanwhile, children and juveniles account for 24% of the total proportion of Xitun District, an area also with high proportion of kids and youths.

North District and Xitun District have many major medical institutions and long-term care resources, on which North District Family Welfare Service Center will capitalize for its future development. It will also start from helping those families with children and juveniles to reduce burden, thus complementing the functions of the Women and Children's Museum, said the Social Affairs Bureau.

  • Date : 2013-11-11
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