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2013 Taichung High-quality Childcare Service Recognition Ceremony

  • Date: 2018-07-06
  • Issued by: Social Affairs Bureau
2013 Taichung High-quality Childcare Service Recognition Ceremony
2013 Taichung High-quality Childcare Service Recognition Ceremony

To encourage high-quality childcare services, Taichung City Government held the “2013 Taichung High-quality Childcare Service Recognition Ceremony” on November 10th at the Chongde flagship store of New Palace International Co., Ltd. The purpose of this event was to praise 18 childcare centers with Single-merit Performances and 54 companies that ranked as Class A, as well as three individuals, including Lin Gui Hui, to be recognized as High-quality Childcare Personnel of 2012 and 2013. In addition tothe affirmation, Mayor Jason Hu expressed that he has an endless list of assignments in mind and would like to encourage the award winners to improve the quality of childcare so that it becomes a strong support for parents.

  The activity started with a warm welcome filled with exciting performances by the lovely children and parents of the childcare centers. Mayor Hu attended the activity despite his busy schedule and stressed that high-quality childcare is one of Taichung’s most important tasks, especially with the implementation of this year’s affordable childcare policy. Taichung City has been ranked by the Education, Parenting and Family Lifestyle Magazine as the city with the highest Affordable Childcare Coverage Rate in Taiwan. Taichung City has achieved good results in this evaluation, with up to 80% of childcare centers being ranked Class A.

  He noted that he has an endless list of assignments in mind and so do parents when they hand over their children to the caregivers. Although everybody has been recognized today for their great work, but he still has endless ideas and would like to encourage everybody to improve the quality of childcare to make it a strong support for parents.

  After evaluating a total of 70 childcare centers throughout 2012 and 2013, Wang Xiu Yan of the Social Affairs Bureau noted that a total of 54 institutions have been ranked Class A. Among them, six childcare centers, namely Sunyuong, Kangaroo, Jin Jiu, Tapeng, Shun Yun and Nido won the Administration Merit Award; six childcare centers, namely Yesi, Angel Home,Guan Ning, Nido, Tapeng and Tian Xiang won the Education and Caring Merit Award; and six other childcare centers, namely Yesi, Yun Yuan, Sunshine, Royal Babies, Jia Bei Er and Baby Yo won the Healthcare Merit Award.

  Furthermore, among more than 400 employees from the city’s childcare centers, Teacher Lin Gui Hui of Gurh-An Childcare Center, Teacher Chiu Yu Ting of Ju Cai Childcare Center, and Teacher Lai Hui Ling of Jian Sheng Educational Co., Ltd won the 2013 High-quality Childcare Center Personnel.

 The high-quality childcare personnel Teacher Lin Gui Hui has dedicated herself to working in childcare for 23 years and taken care of more than 100 children. Teacher Lin never refuses children with autism or other disabilities, and has even gone for further study on parenting skills. She has been well received by parents and was awarded the 2013 High-quality Childcare Center Personnel this year by Taichung City Government.

  She said that she started to engage in childcare work in 1990 at the age of 37. The following year, she gave birth to her own child, which helped her to figure out the best way to raise a child. Now her child is already a fourth-year student in National Taiwan University. She mentioned that although she had previously worked as a bus driver at Zhongxiang Bus of the Highway Administration, she has focused on childcare and served as a full-time mother for more than 10 years after getting married due to the fondness she has had for children since her teens. Her keen interest in children prompted her to join the first session of the Social Childcare Training Course.

  Teacher Lin indicated that the training was very strict then, including the interview curriculum, oral test and home visit. In fact, “patient and loving care are the fundamental responsibilities in wisely looking after children in childcare.” When asked why she is still enthusiastic about childcare after 23 years, she further pointed out that she gets inspiration and influence from her father who adopted a democratic way of education, teaching her to be patient with everything and pay attention to communication. These ideas have allowed her to cultivate her patience with children and even up to the extent that some high school students whom she had taken care of during their childhood have returned to visit her.

  • Date : 2013-11-19
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