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Press Conference for the Promotional Fair of 2013 International Day of Disabled Persons

  • Date: 2018-07-06
  • Issued by: Social Affairs Bureau
Press Conference for the Promotional Fair of 2013 International Day of Disabled Persons
Press Conference for the Promotional Fair of 2013 International Day of Disabled Persons

To encourage disabled persons walking outdoor to embrace the society, Taichung City Government announced that November 30th is the International Day of Disabled Persons. The ‘2013 “Go Beyond Barrier to Start on a Happy Journey”, the promotional fair of International Day of Disabled Persons and “Sparkle Land Affairs‧ Light up the Love” activities’ organized altogether with Taichung City of Real Estate Alliance. The Social Affairs Bureau organized promotional press conference on November 12th. The convener of Real Estate Alliance Huang, Zhao-Min as the representative gives away a check with amount NT$1million for the fair coupons subscription, which is accepted by the deputy mayor of Taichung City Hsu, Zhong-Hsiung on behalf.

  The press conference toady especially adopts the design of “Angle’s Home” castle image. The deputy mayor, deputy director-general of land office, chief secretary of Social Affairs Bureau Liu, Hong-Zhong, city councilor Liu, Shih-Zhou, former legislator Hsieh, Ming-Yuan and convener Mr. Huang of Real Estate Alliance hold the love flying pump to cheer up for the disabled persons as well as use the flying balloons to symbolize the encouragement to disabled persons who are not afraid of difficulties and brave to show themselves and fulfill their dreams.

  Deputy mayor Mr. Hsu states that 1.12 millions of disabled persons nationwide living all round us are our brothers and sisters. To be a happy city, it is the basic indicator of Taichung City to protect the rights of disabled persons and provide social tolerance. He also takes his own growth experience as example. He was called gradually from marred face, cripple and handicap until the rectified name disabled person, which means that both the country and society are in progress. Deputy mayor Mr. Hsu gives especially thanks to the contribution and support of Real Estate Alliance over years allowing bigger and bigger event each year.

  The convener Mr. Huang of Taichung City says that a fair is insufficient to represent the care of Alliance to disabled persons. It is nothing strange to organize an activity, the more important thing is to do it in a persistent way by caring the benefits of disabled persons in daily life as well as giving accommodations.

  According to the Social Affairs Bureau, there are dance on wheel, beautiful voice choir, ukulele, Taiko and Africa drum such splendid performances. In addition, there is new design competition “Angel’s Home Castle” introduced this year to be created jointly by all units and the disabled persons. The Angel’s Home via collage will be exhibited on the day of activity.

  The participants only need to consume the coupon and pass the stage before drawing the prizes. There are opportunities to take around 100 great prizes like electric motorcycle, panel PC, 18-speed bicycle, iPad, 42” LCD TV, flight ticket to Hong Kong, high class spring hotel and hot spring ticket home.

  • Date : 2013-11-19
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