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Crime Prevention Promotion – theft prevention for cars and motorcycles

  • Date: 2018-07-06
  • Issued by: Police Department

1. Theft prevention for cars

(1) While leaving your car, lock the steering wheel, clutch pedal or brake pedal with a steering wheel lock.

(2) If you do not have a garage, you may install an anti-theft device to deter thieves. It should be installed in a non-obvious place, and the wiring should be concealed within the interlayer of the car body so that it cannot be detected easily thus preventing thieves from cutting the wires.

(3) It is appropriate to use round-shaped door latches or latches with a smooth surface as they tend to prevent thieves from easily opening the latches with a small metal hook from the outside.

(4) Install the concealed power supply lock in a secret place in the car to prevent the car from being driven away by somebody. If you want to park the car long-term, you should remove the platinum contact, spark plug or high-voltage cable to enhance security and prevent thieves from stealing the car.

(5) Car theft rate is high during the night time, so you should choose to park your car in a bright and conspicuous place, and avoid parking in a dark alley.

(6) While sending your car for repair or maintenance, look for a reliable car repair shop to avoid the car mechanic from duplicating your car key and stealing your car.

(7) While renting or lending your car to somebody, you should pay attention to the person’s character to avoid your car key from being duplicated and your car from being stolen.

(8) The reason why cars are stolen is mainly due to easy disposal of parts. If you replace your car with new parts, it may prevent the circulation of stolen parts and lower the theft rate.

(9) You should carry your valuables and portable goods with you while leaving your car and not leave them behind. If you have no alternative but to leave them in the car, you should place them in the trunk and lock it up properly.

(10) You should remove the sought after logo of your expensive car simultaneously while leaving your car to avoid it from being stolen. You should also lock up the hood properly to prevent the interior parts from being stolen.

2. Theft prevention of motorcycles

(1) You may use multiple anti-theft locks simultaneously. While parking, you should simultaneously lock the handlebar, front wheel and rear wheel.

(2) The locks used in locking the front and rear wheels should be made of thick, precision components.

(3) While parking your motorcycle, try your best to park near the street light or beside the lamppost, and use a chain lock to lock your motorcycle to this fixed object.

(4) You may additionally install a concealed electric switch in a secret place of your motorcycle.

(5) While parking your motorcycle long-term, you should remove the spark plug or the fuse of the mains power supply.

(6) You may inscribe your identical card number, telephone number and engine number in an obvious place on the motorcycle main structure.

(7) While changing parts, please use brand new and original parts to fully stop the circulation channels of stolen parts.

(8) Even if you leave your motorcycle, even for a few minutes or a few seconds, you should always shut off the engine.

  • Date : 2013-11-20
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