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Fifth Reunion Party for Students Aided by Taiwan Bodhisattva

  • Date: 2018-07-06
  • Issued by: Social Affairs Bureau
Fifth Reunion Party for Students Aided by Taiwan Bodhisattva
Fifth Reunion Party for Students Aided by Taiwan Bodhisattva

Taichung City Government and Taiwan Bodhisattva Student Aid Association (臺灣行動菩薩助學協會) held the 2013 Student Reunion Party at the Square of Taichung City Hall (located on Taiwan Boulevard) on November 23. Movie star Lee Guo-Yi (李國毅) was invited to act as ambassador for this charity event. Also present were those busy chairmen, directors, and supervisors of construction companies, who even dressed in the costumes of superheroes and played the act of "Catwoman Whipping Superman” under the command of Mayor Jason Hu. The drama made many children smile.

Since its inception in 2003, the membership of Taiwan Bodhisattva Student Aid Association has grown from 47 to 7,100. It has been offering aids to 1,643 students in 88 schools and organizing "REUNION" event for students every two years. For this 2013 event, there were 150 company-sponsored booths to entertain 1,200 students from around Taiwan.

A number of busy big bosses took part in the event and dressed up in the costumes of superheroes. For example, Wang Zhong-Cheng (王忠正), Chairman of Shine Architecture and Taiwan Bodhisattva Student Aid Association, acted as Superman; Zhang Li –Li (張麗莉), Chairwoman of Treasure Dragon Corp., performed as Catwoman; Chen San-Qi (陳三奇), Chairman of Chumken Realty, played as Thor; Wu Chun-Shan (吳春山), Chairman of Lee Ming Construction, pretended as Iron Man; Wei Jia-Ming (魏嘉銘), Chairman of Jia Pan Construction, dressed himself as Batman; and Guo Tsung-De (郭從得), Chairman Top Yang Construction)wore the costume of Spider-Man. They caused a roar of cheer at the moment when they were on stage.

As soon as Mayor Hu took to the stage, he said jokingly, "The next show ‘Catwoman Whipping Superman’ will start immediately." Hearing that, Chairwoman Zhang, who played Catwoman, picked up her whip and began to hit Chairman Wang playing the role of Superman. The act caused a burst of laughter from the audience. Mayor Hu, who was standing in between Zhang and Wnag, was also hit and shouted, “Don’t hit me, please!"

Mayor Hu thanked the big bosses for squeezing time out of their busy work schedule to play superheroes for the children. He also expressed special thanks to Taiwan Bodhisattva Student Aid Association, which has been helping students overcome the difficulties from their daily life and schoolwork. “You make Taichung City full of love and happiness,” added Mayor Hu.

Chairman Wang said the purpose of the REUNION was to interact with the disadvantaged students and make them feel the care from our society, so that they will learn to spread out "love" to other vulnerable people once they have the ability in the future.

  • Date : 2013-12-04
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