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2013 Recognition Ceremony for Volunteers in Taichung

  • Date: 2018-07-06
  • Issued by: Social Affairs Bureau
2013 Recognition Ceremony for Volunteers in Taichung
2013 Recognition Ceremony for Volunteers in Taichung

To recognize the selfless contribution of volunteers, Taichung City Government held an award ceremony at the Huisun Hall of National Chung Hsing University on the morning of November 24. Awarded at the event were 986 outstanding volunteers. Mayor Jason Hu said that because of the volunteers, Taichung City becomes warmer, friendlier, and more lovable.

Mayor Hu conferred awards to more than 20 honorees who had won First Class Award, Renai Award and the Outstanding Youth Volunteer Award. Yan Gui-Ying (顏貴英), a volunteer from the Huludun Cultural Center of Cultural Affairs Bureau, won the First Class Award but passed away because of illness. Her husband Luo Song-Yue (羅松岳) came to receive the Award on her behalf. Holding the hands of the eyes-reddening Mr. Luo, Mayor Hu told everybody, “Ms. Yan has served as volunteer for more than 7,000 hours and Mr. Luo vows to surpass that record next year and strives to win the same award as his wife. Mr. Luo says he will be a lifelong volunteer and shows us that love is never-ending.”

Mayor Hu said in his speech, “I feel most grateful at an event like this. Gathering here today are nearly 2,000 volunteers. Each and every one of you is the best citizens in Taichung. Altogether, we have 539,000 people involved in volunteer services. All of them, like you, are the kindest human beings that are most willing to help others. You make Taichung City much more loving.”

“Someone once asked me why I am so humorous,” continued Mayor Hu, “The reason is simple. That is because I like to see people laughing or smiling. Humor is not to make oneself happy but make others happy. Volunteers are doing the same. They like to see others smile. They try to help others. They make others feel more convenient and happy. Because of our volunteers, Taichung City becomes friendlier, warmer, and more loveable.”

Social Affairs Bureau said that there are nearly 60,000 volunteers in Taichung City and 986 volunteers were awarded, including 1 for Outstanding Youth Volunteer Award, 277 for First to Third Class Awards, and 708 for Renai Awards. The purpose of this recognition event was to appreciate the contribution made by the volunteers and attach importance to good individual conduct and performance that leads to excellent social norms, added the Social Affairs Bureau.

Awarded volunteers are increasing every year in Taichung City, demonstrating the continued growth in the number of volunteers, their service hours, and their service performance and quality. This also witnesses that the city government's efforts to double the number of volunteers have taken effect and volunteering service has positioned itself very well in the public service domain. This “people power” is something that Taichung City can be proud of.

Along with this recognition event was also special features exhibitions of each community, which not only showcased the creativity of volunteer teams and provided resources for social services but also fulfilled the volunteering spirit to serve, to innovate, to pass on the good, and to help others.

The reason why Taichung City is a loving and peaceful city is because we have a lot of caring and hard-working volunteers in every corner of the city to serve people in need and guide the social norms toward positive directions. Thanks to all our volunteers. You are making Taichung City a happy city.

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