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Taichung Food Bank-Fongyuan Store Opening Ceremony

  • Date: 2018-07-06
  • Issued by: Social Affairs Bureau
Taichung Food Bank-Fongyuan Store Opening Ceremony
Taichung Food Bank-Fongyuan Store Opening Ceremony

In order to help disadvantaged people and eliminate hunger, the Social Bureau of Taichung City Government and the Hsing Shih Charity Foundation have established the city’s second food bank in Fongyuan District. Mayor Jason Hu and the others who worked on this project removed the veil altogether on November 29th. The store is the only food bank with a proprietary building and electronic IC cards that record the information of the disadvantaged families. Those families may collect food and daily appliances using the IC card at anytime. According to Mayor Jason Hu, more food banks will be opened successively as long as there is a need for them.

  In addition to launching the “Food Bank – Fongyuan Store” together with the head of Fongyuan District Chang Ching-Fin(張瀞分), city councilors Wong, Mei-Chun(翁美春), Hsu, Shuei-Bin(許水彬), and Chen, Ben-Tien(陳本添), as well as Kaohsiung city councilor Lee, Shun-Jing (李順進), Mayor Jason Hu also recognized Jing Ping Frozen Food Co., Ltd. to acknowledge their food donation over the years and for preventing many people from starving.

  “Food Bank – Fongyuan Store” is situated on No. 145, Sec. 3, Fongyuan Boulevard, Fongyuan District. The building was built on land with an area of 44 pings contributed by the Hsing Shih Charity Foundation and dedicated to the food bank. It compares the uniform collection of materials by disadvantaged families by the end of month against the notices previously distributed by the Social Bureau of City Government; the food bank has started the distribution of lifetime IC cards that record personal information to the disadvantaged families. Those families may select living appliances and food at anytime by using the card and are entitled to privileged material collection should a natural disaster occur.

  Mayor Jason Hu said in the speech that he felt thankful to attend this ceremony. Because of the warmth of human kindness, we don’t feel cold at all even though the north wind is blowing. He also expressed that the city government is determined to open a third food bank in Dali District and that food banks will be opened successively as long as there is a need for them. He especially thanked the director of the Fongyuan Store Hsu, Cheng-Bin for introducing his experiences with food banks in Canada to Taiwan. It allows the food bank to not only be a place where materials are collected, but also become a unit that actively provides consultations, visitations and help.

  The Food Bank – Fongyuan Store will be responsible for the distribution to supply stations in Fongyuan and the 14 districts of Tanzi, Daya, Shengang, Houli, Tungshih, Shihgang, Hsinshe, Heping, Waipu, Dajia, Daan, Chinshuei, Wuchi and Shalu. It will also continuously visit and care for the disadvantaged families registered and expects to provide services that satisfy the needs of disadvantaged families with complete respect.

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