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School Opening Ceremony for Fengyuan District Cheung Tsing Academy

  • Date: 2018-07-06
  • Issued by: Social Affairs Bureau
School Opening Ceremony for Fengyuan District Cheung Tsing Academy
School Opening Ceremony for Fengyuan District Cheung Tsing Academy

Sponsored by the Social Affairs Bureau of Taichung City Government and organized by Fengyuan District Senior Citizen Association, the Fengyuan District Cheung Tsing Academy attracts many elders to participate in a variety of courses every year. It held its school opening ceremony at the Cultural and Recreational Activity Center for the Elderly on March 4.More than 300 elders attended the ceremony. Present were also Mayor Jason Hu and Wang Xiu-yan (王秀燕), Director-general of Social Affairs Bureau. Both of them encouraged the elderly to learn new things every day and stay healthy.

Mayor Hu said that the purpose of Cheung Tsing Academy was to offer the elders with opportunities to learn, to cultivate personal interests and to share life experience and wisdom with each other. He hoped the elders were happy in attending class, going outdoors, learning and growing, and enjoying a happy retirement life.

Mayor Hu also mentioned that a reception center for the retirees of the city government would be set up in Taiwan Boulevard Municipal Building and Yangming Building, respectively, so that retirees could come back to the city hall to visit their former colleagues and use the fitness equipment there. He also said the city government plans to provide concession meals and other caring services. “It is time for us to repay the retirees for their hard work and contribution to the city government in the past,” said Mayor Hu.

Social Affairs Bureau said that Fengyuan District Cheung Tsing Academy is one of the top three schools for the elders in Taichung. The other two are Cheung Tsing Academies in Dajia and North Districts. Founded in 1987, the Fengyuan District Cheung Tsing Academy has been 27 years old so far and has offered 44 classes this year, including language, computer, calligraphy, karaoke OK, fine arts, painting, country music, choir, tai chi, and others. There are more than 2,000 students in the Academy. As every student can take more than one course, the number of program participants adds up to 3,000.

There are more than 20,000 elders taking part in the courses offered by the Cheung Tsing Academy each year. In 2013, the 26 Cheung Tsing Academies offered 451 courses for 25,251 students or 31,079 program participants. It is obvious that the classes are deeply appreciated by the elders.

Deng Ji-chun (鄧季春), 95-year-old, founding President of the Fengyuan District Senior Citizen Association, is the oldest among all the participants. She has signed up for two courses this year, namely English and chorus. She always attends every activity held by the Cheung Tsing Academy. Mayor Hu also encouraged all seniors to attend classes.“Like grandma Deng, you will stay healthy and live in longevity and study happily,” added Mayor Hu.

After the Fengyuan trip, Mayor Hu went to the workshop for the village and neighborhood chiefs in Beitun District. He was very grateful toward those village and neighborhood chiefs.“You are serving our citizens at the first line and you are the ones making the implementation of our policies and initiatives smooth. For that, I shall pay more attention to your rights and benefits,” said Mayor Hu, “I cannot attend every seminar held in each administrative district, but as long as time permits, I will come over to express my thanks and gratitude to every one of you.”

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