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Sharp-eyed Police Seized Drunk Drivers

  • Date: 2018-07-06
  • Issued by: Police Department

A construction worker surnamed Hsu drank with his colleagues at their construction site in Changhua and then took the company’s car back to Taichung. It was about 19:00 when he got off. Thinking that it was getting dark and the police officers were busy directing traffic flows at the intersections, Hsu decided to ride his motorcycle on an assumption that the police would never notice him. However, he was intercepted by a police officer directing traffic at the intersection of Wenxin Road of Beitun District. The police officer from Wenchang Police Station of the 5th Precinct said that Hsu was obviously drunk riding because his motorbike was moving unstably. The police officer thus stepped down from his post to stop Hsu when the traffic light turned red. The sobriety test showed that Hsu had a blood alcohol content of 0.31 MG/L and was thus charged of offenses against Public Safety.

In another case, a police officer from the 5th Precinct, when directing traffic flows at the intersections of Changping Road and Beiping Road in Beitun District at about 19:00, also found a man surnamed Tian riding his motorcycle in an unstable way. Tian was thus stopped to have a sobriety test, which showed he had a blood alcohol content of 0.47 MG/L. The policemen asked Tian where he had had his drink. Tian said he was a temporary worker at the construction site on Chongte 2nd Road in Beitun District; after work he bought a small bottle of Da Chi wine at a convenience store on his way back home and then drank it at the intersection between Wenxin Road and Changping Road. In other words, Tian gulped 100 cc of Da Chi wine in less than 85 seconds when he waited for the red light to turn green at the previous intersection about 50 meters away. Tian said he never expected to be caught red handed so soon at only the next intersection. Tian was also charged of offenses against Public Safety.

The police of the 5th Precinct earnestly urge the public not to drink and drive. If you drink, please do remember to designate a driver. Drunk driving is dangerous and may cause loss of large sums of money. A drunk driver can even been charged of offenses against Public Safety.

  • Date : 2014-04-21
  • Hit: 14