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Young Workers' DreamWorks Promotes Innovation to Traditional Industries

  • Date: 2018-07-06
  • Issued by: Labor Affairs Bureau
Young Workers' DreamWorks Promotes Innovation to Traditional Industries
Young Workers' DreamWorks Promotes Innovation to Traditional Industries

Labor Affairs Bureau of Taichung City Government has launched a series of activities to promote "Innovative and Creative Traditional Industries" at Taichung City Young Workers' DreamWorks (No. 71, Xian Street, Fengyuan District) since April 26. Many youngsters have been enthusiastically responding to the events.

To help young workers develop their career and enhance their competitiveness in workplace, the Labor Affairs Bureau plans to hold four stages of activities at Taichung City Young Workers' Dream Works this year. The 1st-stage activities called “Innovative and Creative Traditional Industries” are being held in April ~ June. Exhibited until May 10 are stories of how to innovate traditional industries. It is hoped that the stories will help young people to understand the production process and innovation capabilities of traditional industries. For example, under the theme of “Canvas-bag Industry,” the production appliances and creative works of canvas bags are showcased in a hope that people can better understand its industrial development and get some inspiration on how innovative thinking and creativity can be applied to the making of canvas bags. Under the name of “Baking Bazaar,” the key theme of today, are showcased handmade follicular coffee, black tea and drinks brewed from original tea leaves, cheese cakes, scones, handmade jams, and other creative works of bakery. In addition, Zhou Xin-hong (周信宏), President of Carpenter Siblings (木匠兄妹), was invited to tell stories in the Youth Empowerment Lectures on how he uses his innovative thinking to create highly acclaimed wood products. There were also buskers or street artists performing outdoors today (April 26), attracting flocks of people to the scene.

This series of events will continue until June, and Youth Empowerment Lectures will be held on Saturday afternoon of May 3, May 10 and June 7, June 14 and June 21, respectively. Young workers are welcome to take part. The Labor Affairs Bureau hopes that this series of events will bring out the unique characteristics and aesthetics of local traditional industries, inject innovation into them, and give Taichung City Young Workers' DreamWorks a more lively and innovative imagery. It is also hoped that Young Workers' Dream Works can promote exchanges with local residents and improve young workers’ creativity in the workplace. For more details, please visit the website of Labor Affairs Bureau of Taichung City Government. For enrollment and inquiry to the events, please call Miss Chong at Tel 04-23282866 # 23.

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