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Mayoress Visited Dongshih and Heping Cheung Ching Happiness Schools

  • Date: 2018-07-06
  • Issued by: Social Affairs Bureau

Shao Xiao Ling (邵曉鈴), wife of Mayor Jason Hu, visited Dongshih District Xinyi Cheung Ching Happiness School (東勢區信義長青快樂學堂) and Heping District Senior Citizens Day Care Station (和平區雙崎部落老人日間關懷站) on May 7. She sang songs for the senior citizens and talked with them.

When the Mayoress arrived at the Dongshih District Xinyi Cheung Ching Happiness School, 25 elders practiced warm-up exercise with music to welcome her. When she arrived at the Heping District Shuangchi Tribe Senior Citizens Day Care Station, 40 elders were having knitting courses, the Mayoress walked into the classroom to greet each of them and sang such songs as "Sweet Honey" and "Small Town Story", making them laughs happily.

"What a happy Taichung City!" Mayoress said, “I am happy to see so many grandparents smiling. I also like the term ‘Cheung Ching.’ It means everyone is healthy in old ages. I wish everyone Cheung Ching. I am glad there are volunteers to take care of the elders and the elders can eat, chat, and dance with other elders like a family. It is really great.”

Wang Xiu-yan (王秀燕), Director-general of Social Affairs Bureau said, “Dongshih District Xinyi Cheung Ching Happiness School was converted from a nursing home and set up by Chinese Christian Mission Gospel Xinyi Center (中華基督教福音信義傳道會) under the sponsorship of Social Affairs Bureau. The name Cheung Ching Happiness School was voted by the elders themselves. Many volunteers are retired teachers and nurses from the local communities. It is worth mentioning that we have a volunteer pastor Sun (孫牧師), a South Korean, who offers free service here only because he loves Taiwan. He is learning Hakka so that he hopes to get closer to the elders.”

Director-general Wang also mentioned that Taichung City has six daycare centers now and starts to set up new ones in Sinshe and Heping. “We hope more than a half of our administrative districts will have Cheung Ching schools this year and there will be Cheung Ching schools everywhere in the future, so that our elders have a fun learning environment in Taichung City,” added Director-general Wang.

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