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Current Status of e-Car Promotion in Taichung City

  • Date: 2018-07-06
  • Issued by: Environmental Protection Bureau

To achieve the “low-carbon city” target, Taichung City Government and Yulon Nissan Motor Corporation and CARPLUS Auto Leasing Corporation have joined the "Pilot Project for Intelligent e-Cars" promoted by Ministry of Economic Affairs since 2011. Taichung City was the first in the county to fully meet the key performance indicators (KPI) of introducing 100 e-cars and building up 161 charging stations at the end of October 2013.

The Environmental Protection Bureau (EPB) of Taichung City Government originally planned to start subsidizing the purchase and use of e-cars in 2012 but the subsidy program has so far failed to result in good sales as expected because domestic e-car makers have not yet mass producede-cars. Moreover, an e-car can only travel about 140 km per trip. It is more suitable for police patrol and inspection taking fixed itineraries and traveling to fixed destinations within fixed distances but not yet suitable for use by the head of a government agency, because he or she may not travel on fixed itineraries. Nevertheless, manufacturing costs of e-cars have been decreasing year by year and their travel distances have been gradually increasing in recent years. They may become less expensive and more popular when e-car makers can make more technological breakthroughs in the future.

In 2011, when the EPB applied to join the "Pilot Project for Intelligent e-Cars", it was originally planned to setup 400 charging stations for e-cars in two years, but the Ministry of Economic Affairs has scaled it down to 161 charging stations to be set up at locations over Taichung City (including the urban areas, mountainous areas, coastal areas, and Tuen areas). The charging stations must be designed with facilities for both ordinary and emergency charging. As the 161 charging stations that have already set up in Taichung City are only good for slow ordinary charging, some of them are currently underused. It is planned to set up 185 slow ordinary charging stations(4-6 hours for each charging) and two fast charging stations (30 minutes to refill 80% of charging capacity)in Taichung City by the end of 2015. It is hoped that the act can significantly increase the use of e-cars in Taichung City.

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