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Taichung City Awarded as Healthy, Livable, Elder-friendly City

  • Date: 2018-07-06
  • Issued by: Health Bureau
Taichung City Awarded as Healthy, Livable, Elder-friendly City
Taichung City Awarded as Healthy, Livable, Elder-friendly City

Co-organized by Health Promotion Administration of Ministry of Health and Welfare and the Taiwan Alliance for Healthy Cities, the "Sixth Taiwan's Healthy Cities and Elder-friendly City Competition" has recently announced the final results. All the four programs submitted by the Taichung City Government, including "Hiking along the Calligraphy Greenway", "Weight Loss for Flat Belly”, "LOHAS Study”, and “Senior Action Navigation", won prizes in their respective categories.

The award presentation ceremony was attended by Huang Mei-na (Director-general of Health Bureau), Lin Yu-hong (Deputy Director-general of Urban Development Bureau), and Ye Jun-jie (Deputy Director-general of Education Bureau).

Health Bureau of Taichung City Government said that inspired by the "semi-cursive script" of Chinese calligraphy, the Calligraphy Greenway is designed in a revolutionary way for a livable city. It is here that people can hike along the tree-lined walking paths to enjoy sunshine and breeze. It is also here that annual jazz festivals are held. Over 1.05 million people attended the musical feast last year.

To create a "healthy Taichung City," Mayor Jason Hu launched the “Weight Loss for Flat Belly” program last year. It succeeded in helping citizens to reduce weight for 144 tons in 2013.

To build up an elder-friendly city, the Health Bureau set up the country's first "Senior Action Navigation" program to provide our seniors with over 10,000 pieces of information related to medical care, activities, and benefits. Using his or her smart phone, a senior can access to resources in the neighborhood at any time. This innovative program won an Excellence Award from "2014 Smart City Innovative Applications Award—in Medicare category” in February, 2014 and this second prize has just come in as a further affirmation of our capability to meet the demand of and provide services for our elders.

For "LOHAS Study,” the Taichung City Government has already set up 21 Senior Learning Centers to provide such courses as special feature learning, policy advocacy, foundation of life, interests and leisure, and services and contributions. Moreover, we also offer common courses for grandparents and grandchildren to learn together and campus activities for grandparents, parents, and children to take part together. We always encourage elderly people to walk out of home and join the community activities. It is our hope to build a friendly environment for all the generations.

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