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Event Series for 2014 Double tenth National Day Flag-raising Ceremony

  • Date: 2018-07-06
  • Issued by: Social Affairs Bureau
Event Series for 2014 Double tenth National Day Flag-raising Ceremony
Event Series for 2014 Double tenth National Day Flag-raising Ceremony

It was in the early morning when people flocked together to the 2014 Double tenth National Day flag-raising ceremony under bright sunshine andasea of flying national flags. Leading the city government colleagues and citizens to sing the national anthem and salute the national flag, Taichung City Mayor Jason Hu also madethree wishes, including successful fireworks show on the National Day, a soonest possible solution to the edible oil safety issue, and a high voter turnout in the year-end elections.

To participate in the Double tenth National Day flag-raising ceremony, a lot of people queued up for the national flags on the Taichung City Hall Square (on Taiwan Boulevard) at around 6:00 in the early morning. Social Affairs Bureau of Taichung City Government arranged some entertainment programs, such as a magic show performed by busker Yui Shueng-li and a wheelchair dance by Joy Association. Present at the ceremony were also city councilors Lee Zhong, Lin Pei-hun, Liu Shi-chou, Chen You-jiang, Zhu Ren-yin, Yang Cheng-zhong, Shen You-lian, and Hong Jia-hong.

Mayor Husaid, “We have sunny weather today and over 10 thousand people attended this flag-raising ceremony, a record high in history. Each and every one coming here is believed to wish the best for our country, the Republic of China.We are going to have a special program held here tonight in Taichung. That is a fireworks show for National Day. We had one 12 years ago, causing terrible traffic jam between Taiwan Boulevard (formerly known as Taichung Chungkang Road) and Anhe Road. To improve traffic conditions this year, I hope that our citizens do not drive tonight but use the 8-km free bus ride program or take the BRT system, instead. We will provide connecting buses at certain points to take everyone to the event venue to enjoy the beautiful fireworks. This is the best way to avoid traffic jam and enjoy National Day fireworks show at the same time. Hope everyone have an unforgettable and happy experience tonight.”

Mayor Hu also mentioned that to appreciate the National Day fireworks many people from other parts of Taiwan had booked hotel accommodations in Taichung. “It is very likely that tourists will drive cars. So our citizens living in Taichung are urged to take public transportation to avoid trafficcongestion.” Mayor Hu said.

The second wish of Mayor Huis to solve the edible oil security issue soonest possible. “Thecentral and local governments owe an apology to our people in this edible oil security issue. We should stop passing the buck any longer. The central and local governments should work together to give our people a safety environment for food consumption. We at Taichung City have already checked all the schools, vendors, and pastry traders. The foods they are now selling should be safe for consumers. I hope people will not panic but help the food industry weather the storm,” said Mayor Hu.

The third and last wish of Mayor Hu is that everyone comes out and votes in the coming elections at the end of November. “Come out to vote to voice out your true opinion. Vote for only those candidates who can lead Taichung and the country to a better future.” Mayor Hu said.

After the flag-raising ceremony arranged were a series of performances, including a flight show performed by Taichung City Remote Control Flying Science and Technology Development Association, in which model airplanes carrying national flags and designed in funny shapes flying across the sky over the City Hall Square. Moreover, there would be over 70 exhibit booths and gourmet stands arranged at the site where thefireworks show would take place. It was hoped that the public would have a wonderful celebration for the National Day.

  • Date : 2014-10-27
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